UFO sighting in Krugersdorp in 2011

Place: Krugersdorp
Time and date: Around 21:00 at night, 2011
Submitted by: E.C.

It’s been a while since we had this sighting, but only now that I Decided to post it. My Cousin, a friend and myself were walking from my friends house to my place( we live in an estate). We were just talking about nothing important when I looked up for no reason, I noticed from the right of where I was looking something flying and noticed the strange long orange light.

I commented immediately that those are the strangest lights I have ever seen on an airplane thinking that because it was so low they were flying with the cabin lights on. But as I finished saying that, my mind realized that wait a minute, that’s not right. I remember asking, “what the hell is that” my friend and cousin both asked the same question.

We noticed that the object was much lower than first thought and that it was indeed not lit up itself but was actually reflecting the glow from the street lights(bright orange) in our estate. We could see the whole object moving in a straight line from right to left in the sky. It was huge, the same size as a small truck, was relatively round in shape with a slightly pointy nose.

The light reflecting off the object almost had a flowing nature to it. Also, very importantly it had no sound at all, that was for me the strangest part of the whole sighting, it was low and far enough from us that if I had a daisy gun I could have shot it. Yet no sound at all.

We managed to follow it with our eyes and saw it flying into the distance, but once the angle was too great could not see the reflective light anymore. However we could see the silhouette from behind as it flew through the glow from the big park lights in the distance, it was relatively flat, but I won’t be able to guess what the width was as by that time it was a bit too far from us.

We eventually lost sight of it… I’ll never forget this for as long as I live. I have never been a believer and eve still after seeing this have my doubts. It was def. a UFO to me, but maybe a secret American airplane doing long distance flight tests? Whatever it was, it def. did not wanna be seen or heard.

I wonder if anybody else noticed this UFO that night? We’re we just at the right angle with enough lights around to have seen it? I kinda wish it never happened, I’ll never have a solid answer for this…

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