UFO sighting in Kimberley

Place: South of Kimberley
Time and date: 11 December 2012 at 21:30
Submitted by: Anon

I am the pilot of an airline in South Africa, we were flying from JHB to CT at 30000ft. On the horizon, +- 280 degrees west, I noticed a bright star, similar to the brightness of Mars.

The “star” then appeared to move closer to us and its position relative to the aircraft changed allerting us that it was not a star, the shape then morfed into a larger less defined shape and increased in size, almost resembling a cloud with a light source behind it, at this point the light source crossed our path and dissipated in brightness and out of view to the left of us.

Another Aircraft asked air traffic control if there were any aircraft on crossing airways to them who were also on the jhb-ct route and ATC said there were none. Had it been a contrail of an aircraft left behind and the moon been out, the cross section of the cylindrical cloud could have been illuminated giving the impression of an object however there was no moon tonight and the light source stared out been a single well defined light.

Over the years I’ve seen many meteors and predicted comets but this cannot be explained away.


We believe that what Anon saw last night over Kimberley was the same object that was witnessed over Cape Town.

7 thoughts on “UFO sighting in Kimberley

  1. We (5 of us) were on our way to a restaurtant walking as we saa the same “thing” in the air. We all think it was an aircraft of some sort but then we realise that it does not have any red lights. that was just after 20h30. This morning friends in Britstown said they have witness also a strangle cloud at 20h30. We did not mention it to him before.

  2. Please read up project blue beam

  3. What you saw might not be real, google project blue beam and find out.

  4. ronel swanepoel

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  5. Miles Martyn

    Saw the same thing back In the early ninetees when standing guard at the military base outside Kimberly. Looked like a tower in the distance and then appeared about 100m above me and paused a while, then shot up into space at a remarkable speed becoming the size of a star. Was a very bright white light.

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