UFO sighting in Kempton Park

Place: Pomona, Kempton Park
Time and date: early hours of 1 January 2013
Submitted by: Olivia

I saw a bright light moving steadily but disappearing and reappearing numerous times over the source of 15 or so minutes… Moved is a huge arc trajectory across the sky. Very bright and faster than a satellite and plane. Also satellites don’t disappear and re appear. Very eerie.

3 thoughts on “UFO sighting in Kempton Park

  1. John Annandale

    I saw exactly what you saw, we stay in van Riebeeck park, Kempton Park. Saw this flying object with bright red pulsating lights traveling in an easterly direction (Pomona area). Date: 3 Jan 2013. Time: +/- 22H15. It just disappeared……….

  2. John Annandale

    I saw a red, pulsating object travelling in an easterly direction at a slightly downward trajectory. Myself and two other witnesses agree that what we saw was like nothing we’ve experienced before. We watched the object for about a minute before it suddenly disappeared. I initially thought it was a falling aircraft or a piece of asteroid. After seeing what I did, I’m not too sure anymore.

  3. its lanterns ….

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