UFO sighting in Kalk Bay + Video

Place: Kalk Bay Harbour – looking over the Bay towards Gordons Bay area
Time and Date: 22nd March 19:45
Submitted by: Leigh Nolte

Walking along the pier we noticed a very bright round whitish/orange light on the horizon over the bay towards the Gordons Bay side (looking east from the end of the pier). I assumed it was Venus, although too bright I thought, but after about 15 minutes or more it suddenly became very bright and started to move left slowly and soundlessly towards the mountain. It changed in brightness and did flash sometimes, also dipping down quite low.

It then changed direction and began moving back towards its first location over the Bay where it remained stationary but very bright for another 10 minutes or so (when I took the video) Suddenly 2 more of the same lights appeared out of nowhere, just as bright over the side of the mountain.(vaguely visible on the video) The one stayed still and the other started to move out toward the Bay where it disappeared at cloud level.

Other people watching the lights suggested that it was air traffic circling while coming in to land or lights on Sir Lowry’s Pass (?) I’d like to hear opinion’s on these theories please? Did anyone else see them?

5 thoughts on “UFO sighting in Kalk Bay + Video

  1. That is surely not air traffic. The light it admits seems very bright, you are very lucky. What frustrates me the most is that nobody gives a damn. What can one do then? The truth is out there with a sick twist. I live in a small town 60km outside the city. From that distance me and my wife regularly see UFO’s visiting the city. Sometimes it is so clear, you actually see a UFO going down to the city and going back up. Last night we saw 8 large UFO’s going in and out of the city. Its crazy but what do you do about it? It feels like nobody gives a shit. UFO sightings scare me in every way, what are they doing here. Maybe the truth is to heavy to hold.

  2. FWJ-UFO Researcher

    Hi,there ,ive been doing UFO Research for 30 years already these are all extra terrestrial craft,that visit earth 24-7-we are not alone in this vast universe around us,there are many,alien civilizations and each 1 shares the universe,with each other,in South Africa,ufo sightings over 50 years have increased dramatically,the local western cape ufo sightings are not new,there have been many,many have not been reported by the public,but yes what is being reported here are UFOs,because of certain criteria that is standard with UFO Reports,UFOs have a sophisticated propulsion system,they are able to implement time displacement around them,as such they can travel at extremely high speeds,do high speed maneuvers,that no aircraft can achieve to date,the material that is used is unknown,but it can withstand extreme heat\cold\stress\\etc,it doesn’t melt,bend,it always retains its original integrity,where do UFOs come from in the universe,they originate from many star systems in the universe,and use there technology to travel vast distances in the shortest of time.

    meteorites that enter earths atmosphere are heated up dramatically,and what you see is a tail showering off a vast amount of debris,and thei burns out,but with UFOs,they can travel at any given speed by simply altering the time displacement around them,giving them extreme flexibility,in addition,they can be invisible to the naked eye\cameras etc,and can be viewed in the infrared spectrum\radar systems.

    these alien civilizations have been using the earths magnetic field like other planets as a stargate to go from 1 star system into another using there time displacement technology,by entering at 1 end-exiting at the other end,on earth they enter at the north pole-exit at the south pole and can do what up to now is not impossible (Time Travel)there technology allows this to happen,so when people report they saw a ufo,then they did,as regards ufo activity over the helderberg region,where i am located,they are seen in 24\7,this is a vast subject,ufo technology,how they operate,where they come from,what is there purpose on earth,readers are urged to support this website owners site,with there reports,

  3. Hi FWJ, please contact me on donovanheunis@gmail.com. I would like to talk to you.


  4. I am not saying that i do or dont believe in actual alien ufo. Im looking into that. What i am asking is if anyone has considered why ufo sigtings are almost always linked to lights. I cannot for the life of me imagine why an alien craft with incredible technology who have just possibly travelled millions of km arrives at earth , and has a 12v halogen bulb or some superbright led unit dangling of the side of the craft. It makes no sense, they wouldnt need it and it would surely not keep them from running over a rogue sheep in midspace at the speed of warp 5. Im just saying that sightings involving conventional lights are much more likely human made as aliens would simply not need or use it.

  5. Hi Guys

    Donovan, not everyone gives a shit. I care a lot about this subject.

    I was quite happy to stumble across this website. Always felt S.A was in the dark ages relating to u.f.o phenomena. It would seem that the sightings are increasing daily. I myself have seen a very strange ufo not to high up passing overhead in Stellenbosch. I phoned a friend who was on the farm because it was heading in that direction. He went outside and sure enough, there it was. Hovering not far from our house with a whole array of colored lights. I think I will submit the whole story in the reports section.

    Louis you make a very interesting point about the lights.

    Firstly I do not believe that all ufo’s are extraterrestrial in nature, and secondly, not all ufo’s are necessarily from outer space. I have often wondered why the lights, what are they doing? Maybe they want us to be aware of their presence but not force it on us with a shock to the consciousness. People who are not that awake can still easily shrug it of without giving it a second thought. Whatever the case may be, I am sure there is a very good reason for it being so.

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