UFO sighting in Johannesburg

Reported by: Bruce Nortje

Place: Northcliff, Johannesburg

Date: 28 April 2012

Time: 21:30

“I hope you can help to explain what I saw, if there is an explanation for it…

On Saturday 28 April at around 21:30 in Northcliff, Jhb I was about to climb in my car to go out. Another guy who lives on the same property and his friend called me and said I must come have a look and while they looked up at the night sky.

What I saw was unexplainanble, a short description would be ‘flying stars’.

Basically it was a group of about 30-40 ‘things’ which looked like stars but all flew in the same direction which was South. There were no spesific formation besides that all were going in the same direction. Some were more in front than other, but I got the idea that I was witnessing a fly by. The strangest of it all was one ‘thing’ which was at the back which increased its speed to fly up to another ‘thing’ and then continued flying with the other ‘thing’. Thus clearly increasing and decreasing speed. There were no sounds, no red, or blue or other colours present and was pretty high up in the night sky.”

Is there anyone who have seen something similar? If so, please leave a comment.

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