UFO sighting in Johannesburg #7

Place: Florida, Johannesburg
Time and date: 17 November 2012, 21:30
Submitted by: Anonymous

Anonymous saw the same red lights as Stewart did in UFO sighting in Johannesburg #6.

Just saw the what seems to be 2 of the same red lights…One flew across the sky heading east, about the same height of a small airplane. No engine noise. Another followed in it’s path about 10 min later. This one slowed down….and turned into a red halo, and slowly fell to the ground.

5 thoughts on “UFO sighting in Johannesburg #7

  1. allen van rensburg

    08/12/2012, 20h00, had just swithed on outside xmas lights when my wife pointed to the heidelberg/balfour area ,there was a red ball moving toward the east in the nigel direction, it then just disappeared, not long thereafter another ball was seen following the same path as the first, this one however did not disappear at the same spot. we viewed this from the lambton germiston area

  2. allen van rensburg

    two of same objects seen from lambton area 20h00sat 08/12/2012. travelling from heidelberg area towards benoni area. not long thereafter a very bright liht was seen falling towards the balfour area

  3. So its the 1 January, 2013 and the time is 03:35.
    Been online trying to figure out what iv’e just seen
    I stay in Northcliff, north of Johannesburg and at 00:30 I decided to go outside for a smoke and look at some of the fire works being lit around the area.

    above the fire works I too could clearly see a red/orange light with a pulsating glow moving across the sky too fast to be a plane…and i am 100% sure it was not fire works. with in 20 seconds it was gone.
    I was left thinking what it was I had just seen and as soon as i thought it was over, 4 exact same lights from the east appeared in formation traveling South. from where I stay it would be accurate to say it was flying over the city Center towards and over Gold Reef City.

    I tried filming the lights with my iPhone but i am unable to zoom in while recording video and so the video is useless and no point posting it up just to receive bad reviews and comments!

    I found this video on You tube and its exactly the same lights i had seen only the ones in this video the red lights seem to hover around in one space and not fly in a direct path!


    it was cool witnessing what I know was not a common event.

  4. Desmond Frost

    Saw what seems to fit the same discription as above last night in Brakpan traveling in a soutern dierction> 31/12/2012 at about 22:10 when about 15 of these red spheres past overhead all in a matter of about ten minutes. some came two at a time some just one at a time about a minute apart. not very high up traveling at about the speed a an aeroplane. no noice. also took video of these.

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