UFO sighting in Johannesburg #6

Place: Blairgowrie, Johannesburg
Submitted by: Stewart O.
Time and date: 19:00 on 11 November 2012

5 UFOs seen heading in a Southerly direction each about 2 minutes apart. All 5 were surrounded by a red light like a halo and had what appeared to be either 2 or one light in the middle of the halo. The lights were more yellowish than they were white. All 5 passed by heading in the same direction and were absolutely silent. It appears that there may have been like a black exhaust cloud behind one of the them. They were flying at about the speed of a commercial airliner, were not very high up but had no landing lights like a commercial airliner. Seen by my wife and myself.

Update: We have received another report on these red lights in Johannesburg.

3 thoughts on “UFO sighting in Johannesburg #6

  1. I saw many tonight in the sky near Strubens Valley. Some were further away and there was one really close. Red and blue lights was fascinating. They say it could be satellites.
    Can anyone confirm?

  2. I sow a green lights in the cloweds over brinston at 10:00 pm zigging and zagging i then shined my green lizer at it and it followed it

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