UFO sighting in Johannesburg #5

Place: Greenside, Johannesburg
Time and date: 20:00 on 6 and 7 October 2012
Submitted by: Anonymous


Orange/Red orb seen flying over Greenside, Johannesburg on Saturday and Sunday evening. Started at 20:00 on both evenings. On Saturday there were 3 overhead passes, and at 21:00, we saw one of the objects coming to a stop, fade out, and then another appeared next to it and started to descend.

Last night (7 October 2012), at 20:00 we only saw the 1 object, flying on the same path as the first 3 that was seen on Saturday, but this time it slowed down.

At first I thought it was high and orbiting as it passed overhead on the same trajectory every 10/15 mins. Heading was from North to South. 7 October 2012, 20:00, myself, my wife and my brother in law saw another one of these orange/red orbs flying over, same heading and trajectory. The difference was that this time it seemed to slow down when it was over us. We could make out a round grey halo shape behind the emanating red/orange light. The light in the object changed direction (as if shining it’s beam from left to right with a controlled manner, as if scanning))). It then looked as if it’s descending and the light faded out completely. The round halo shaped started morphing like water almost (difficult to explain) and we lost view of it as it crossed over the neighbouring house roof.

Does anyone know if there are Chinese lanterns being set of in Greenside JHB? I’m not saying it was Chinese lanterns, and if they were, I’d be interested to see them up close. These objects we saw had constant lights, not like a candle that will flicker.

What puzzled us is that the object/light stayed the same size. Normally when an object approach you, the closer it gets the bigger it will get. These object stayed the same size which makes it difficult to judge how height/low they actually flew over.

I’m not a believer in aliens; I would just like to know what these objects are.

Has anyone else seen these? I’ll be outside again tonight having a look out and see if I can get a decent pic or vid with my camera this time.

2 thoughts on “UFO sighting in Johannesburg #5

  1. Im convinced its UFOs because we had a sighting just like it here in Cape Town and I had an experience with one as close as our house roof top. Thats something you never forget.

  2. FRIDAY , November 30th red/orange orbe ova joburg north.
    it seemed to cover a distance of abwt 32km in 13 seconds WOW!!!
    its the third time i”ve been witness to ALIENS/GODS from another
    planet. THE END IS NEAR!!!

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