UFO sighting in Johannesburg #3

Submitted by: Anonymous
Time and date: 18 July 2012 @ 17:05 pm

Traveling on Barry Hertzog towards Linden I saw a brigt light far above the horizon. I first thought it was the sun reflecting on an aeroplane, but the light grew brighter and bigger then smaller and less bright then brighter again before it faded a little. At first it appeared to stand still but when it went smaller and less bright the last time it looked like it was traveling very slow and then just dissapeared without it fading away. It just wasn’t there anymore. If I had not been traveling by car I would have tried to film it. I am sure it was some form of UFO as it did not look like a aeroplane, and I already went through every kind of explainable scenario and nothing explains it.

If it was the sun reflecting on an aeroplane it should surely have looked like one once the sun stop reflecting off it? I later spoke to my brother who was in the Honeydew area at the same time, who confirmed that he also saw something and was convinced it was just his mind playing tricks on him and that it was possibly a blimp or aeroplane, but he reckons nothing explains what he saw either. Of course not many people look up, and no one else saw it. None that I know of. Maybe there will be more reports tomorrow.

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