UFO sighting in Johannesburg #2

Place: Robertsham , Johannesburg
Time and date: 19:55 pm; 20 April 2010
Submitted by: Anele

On the 20 April 2010 at around 19:55pm we saw a Boomerang Object flying over our home. It was almost the same colour as the night sky, transparent.
It had no lights. It didn’t make any sound. It almost seemed like a cloud passing over, because it had vapor coming off the front, however you could see a solid sharp outline that formed a huge boomerang shape. There were some clouds in the sky that night and I remember the moon being half and above our rooftop that night. I think the only reason we saw it, was because our son said the moon was moving. So I stepped back to see where the moon was, that is when something caught my eye to the left and I saw this strange object moving over our home. It was heading North. I am not sure how to judge the size of this craft, but it was bigger than both my hands held together straight above my head.

I suspect it could have been a secret military plane of some kind. My first thought was a flock of geese, but I saw those before and they don’t look anything like this object we saw that evening. This object had a solid outline shape to it and wasn’t changing direction or shape. Two adults and one child saw it.

Thank you for submitting this excellent report to us, Anele.

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