UFO sighting in Durban

Place: Queensburgh, Durban
Time and date: December 2012 early evening; don’t remember date
Submitted by: Patty

I live in Queensburgh and saw the UFOs directly north in the sky. There were 3 lights, one in the middle like a large star and two smaller stars on either side, the smaller stars then moved up directly above the larger star in a virtual straight line one above another.

After a minute or so, one of the smaller stars went north, then returned back to the other small star and they both went off together. The bigger star then followed and disappeared into the distance. I would say that they were very high in the sky and the appearance that they were one above another could be due to the distance and height, but this was definitely a UFO sighting as a normal star would not leave and return like an aircraft to collect the others.

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