UFO sighting in Centurion

Place: Centurion – Thatchfield
Time and date: 22h00 – 1 September 2013
Submitted by: Naleen R

I was driving toward my place in Centurion last night and noticed these lights in the sky very far away at this point. There were 2 lights, the red had a very slow flicker and the white had a more faster flicker and I thought that it could very well be an aircraft of some sort……But as I got closer to home I noticed that the craft was hovering over the Centurion area, literally coming closer to the ground and then moving up, so I parked my car to observe the craft. I stood there for about 5 minutes and watched this craft almost land in the distance and then slowly move away into the sky until it disappeared. I felt very positive thoughts and feelings while all of this was happening and I do feel that there is about to be “First Contact” with our “Higher Beings”

3 thoughts on “UFO sighting in Centurion

  1. Hi Naleen,

    I just wanted to ask you if you saw this only on the 1st? Myself and my wife saw what I would guess is the same RED light on the 2nd September, but hovering more towards the Centurion County club, we stay in Raslouw next to the Doxa Deo Church, and when I saw this very bright Red light, I also though it could be a plane or maybe Mars, I usually use a App called Sky Guide to check it objects in the sky could be satellites or planets, but as quickly as I got my phone out of my pocket the light just disappeared, also a helicopter flew around the area about 5min after that happened. It was very strange to see, and my wife can vouch and she is a big skeptic.

  2. That’s a helicopter, anti-collision and steady lights. There is also a green light to distinguish direction but this is harder to see from a far enough distance.

  3. @Centurion – The Reeds – 07 January 2014 between 22:10 – 22:30…my husband and I we were driving from Rooihuiskraal road towards R55 on Brakfontein road when saw round light up the sky…at first I didn’t say anything to him because I thought I might be imagining things but then light got brighter and it was coming closer/flying lower than an aeroplane. Then I asked my husband if he was seeing what I’m seeing…we started to drive slower and I tried to take a picture but my phone could capture the light. After some time the light got dimmer and disappeared.

    We are convinced that it was UFO…that light was round like a giant torch in the sky, flying just a few meters up the houses. I hope someone else saw this as well.

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