Mass UFO sighting in Cape Town | 11 December

We have received numerous reports from different people that saw the same thing in the Cape Town area last night (11 December 2012). It was even seen as far as the Northern Cape and Namibia! This is the first time we have gotten so many reports on the same UFO. Below are their reports. Can you spot the similarity? All of them saw a “cloud” with a bright light behind it.


Place: Cape Town CBD
Time and date: 11 December 2012 at 20:30 and 22:30
Submitted by: Deon

Cylinder shaped “cloud”. It had a light in the “cockpit”. It made a windy noise that is noticeable but no engine sounds. It moved in a straight line at about twice/three times the speed of a passenger plane in holding pattern. It was seen by two friends in Rondebosch, two family members in Brancenfell and a group of people in Paarl.


Place: Brackenfell
Time and date: 11 December 2012 at 20:00
Submitted by: Johann

Smokey light with a “bubble” moving. Bright light.


Place: Camps Bay
Time and date: 11 December 2012 at 20:30
Submitted by: Anthony

Clear sky. Conical shape with bright forward light and bright star shaped light at rear in a cloud like mist. Heading from south over Camps Bay towards Table Mountain where dissipated. There were 8 of us watching and no one has seen anything like this in our skies before. Any explanation?


Place: Rondebosch
Time and date: 11 December 2012 at 20:40
Submitted by: Bewildered

My girlfriend & I had just reached the top floor (5th) of the apartment block she lives in. We were on the side of the building which faces straight towards devils peak, in line with UCT. I looked up towards the mountain & saw what initially looked like the moon shining from behind a small cloud. As I motioned towards my girlfriend we realised it was moving away from the mountain in an easterly direction. It seemed to pass by us no more than a few hundred meters away.

As stated it initially seemed to be a small round cloud with light (as of the moon) being emitted from it. As we watched it morphed much like a cloud into more or less a half sphere with the rounded part leading. There were a few small trails as if wisps of cloud still maintaining the general spherical shape & just behind it there was a faint star which seemed to be trailing as if attached to the end of the cloud trails.

It travelled a ditance of around one to two kilometers slowly fading as it moved, to almost unnoticeable by the time we lost site of it past the side of the building, but with the little pinprick light of the star moving with it. The entire event lasted no longer than a minute or two, with the initial orb lasting only fifteen to twenty seconds.

After going inside for a few minutes I went outside again in a state of disbelief at which time I saw what looked like a quite a bright star slowly sink behind the mountain, setting at about two or three times the speed of what the moon does. Then another fainter star doing the same, but at a slower speed & a slightly different angle, further to the left, towards Hout Bay side.

I am a very practical individual who generally manages to find a logical explanation for anything seemingly out of the ordinary, but this evenings sightings bewildered me & even left me a little shaken up. These where truly unidentified flying objects – UFOs – of some sort. I would love to know if anyone else spotted something similar.


Place: Kuilsrivier
Time and date: 11 December 2012 at 20:40
Submitted by: Derick

We live out towards the Bottelary Hills area and this evening (11/12/2012) at around 20:40, saw a weird sight. It looked like a cloud moving and was lighted up. It turned and then suddenly stopped and started to vanish. There was an aircraft a couple of kilometers from this object and one could clearly see the aircraft and this object did not look like another aircraft. The skies were unusually clear this evening with no clouds or fog. Did anyone else see this? I am a pilot myself and know what aircraft look like….


Place: Tableview
Time and date: 11 December 2012 between 20:45 and 20:50
Submitted by: P

We saw what looked like a cloud with a bright white light in it. We first thought it was an aeroplane behind clouds, but there were no clouds in the sky tonight. The light got brighter, then it gradually dissipated. The cloud had two streak points below it and what looked like a hollow section in the middle. The “cloud” slowly drifted south east. No sound was heard. No helicopters or aeroplanes spotted near object. Tried to take a picture, but we were not quick enough.


Place: Somerset West
Time and date: 11 December 2012 at 20:40
Submitted by: Chris

I was sitting on the rugby field at De Hoop Primary School and saw a light in the West. It looked like a half moon shining through some clouds but was moving in a southerly direction. It looked like a small glowing cloud that was expanding. A point of light right behind the ‘cloud’ then appeared and expanded mainly forwards almost like a spray. A small point of light remained behind the cloud which kept expanding as the whole formation kept on moving in a Southerly direction.

After a few minutes the cloud had become quite faint and nearly invisible, but the point of light remained visible as and set in the south. It looked very much like a satellite ejecting a cloud of vapour and must have been at about the altitude where satellites orbit. I have spoken to a few people who also saw it and I am sure some video footage will be uploaded soon.


Place: Table Mountain
Time and date: 11 December 2012 at 20:43
Submitted by: Michael

Description of what you saw: – Appearing from behind Lions Head, traveling into the wind, two vapour shapes that resembled trumpets, one behind the other, moved towards Table Mountain. Into a strong head wind the vapour cloud kept its shape, and a bright light appeared briefly moving behind the cloud (as if at the point where the mouth of the trumpet would be).

The moving light disappeared but the cloud held its shape and speed and crossed the sky all the way over Table Mountain. Reaching Devil’s Peak the cloud began to disintegrate. I filmed it with my cellphone but unfortunately the sky was too dark to pick up an image on the camera, however this link does display the same object my friend and I witnessed.

After an evening of seeing a number of anomalies, this sighting deserves mention too. We were watching the mountain and had clear sight of Lions Head, Table Mountain and Devil’s Peak. Suddenly, a bright emerald light in front of Devil’s Peak appeared. The light was very bright, round and glowing. It then began to zip down, up and across at an extremely rapid speed – moving in an area of approximately 300 square meters.

The light zipped up and down for approximately 10 seconds, and then below the light, an emerald shaft of light emerged from the ground (just to the right of the ‘Tampon Towers’ by the mountain edge), the shaft of light shone from the ground at a 45 degree angle, directed itself past the zipping light and slowly disintegrated into nothingness.

The zipping light then disappeared and a second or so later the shaft of light disappeared. It seemed almost as if a separate entity was collecting or delivering something from the ground (as strange as that sounds). Very, very strange and definitely not something that could be considered a laser as it was too big and did not have a constant light-wave consistent with a laser beam.

This ended an evening of many strange sights above the City Bowl of Cape Town on the evening of 11 December 2012.


Place: Cape Town
Time and date: 11 December 2012 at 20:30
Submitted by: Nadia

We were 6 people sitting outside having a braai when all of us saw the same thing….at first it looked like a small funnel-shaped cloud (which was weird as we had clear skies in cape town last night) As it moved closer we saw what looked like a very bright light surrounded by fog. it moved very fast and then it started to fade and it disappeared. we couldn’t hear any sound.


Place: Sedgefield
Time and date: 11 December at 21:00
Submitted by: Sian

Object first appeared to be a sliver of moon behind a small cloud, but the sky was clear and New-moon is due in a day or two. Two lights within / behind the cloud then appeared, which faded as it approached. The object then continued moving steadily (a bit faster than a plane) west to east as a sphere of cloud with the curve of the sphere in the front, before fading from sight in the east. Had the look of a curved / round object pushing through mist or clouds with a faint trail of mist over and behind it. Can’t think what object could ‘make’ or ‘drag’ of cloud with it, at that speed, on a completely clear and windless night…

And then Lizl also contacted us and said her father who stays in De Aar, also saw the same.


Place: Ceres
Time and date: between 19h00-20h00 on 11 & 12 December 2012
Submitted by: Patricia

Looked like a small cloud, then lights on 11 December. 12 December the same then after lighting it disappears.


Place: Orange River – Namibia/Richtersveld
Time and date: 11 December 2012 at 20:30
Submitted by: idb

Report: Group of 11 paddlers saw a cloud like object with bright light in center moving from west to east at a constant speed fading away after about 15-18 seconds during a 100% cloudless evening. No sound detected.


Place: beach below between 109-113 Victoria rd, Camps bay, Cape Town
Time and date: 20h00 – 20h30, 11 Dec 2012
Submitted by: Michael

My girlfriend and I were on the beach from 19h30 until 21h00. I was taking pictures of the sunset when15mins after sunset what i thought was an aircraft came from the direction of the sunset moving towards table mountain. I quickly turned my lens on it and took a few pictures. What looked like 3 bright forward facing lights moving in a white cloud-like mist. It moved swiftly in a holding pattern and made no noise. Within about a minute it appeared then seemed to dissipate into thin air.


PHOTOS: Chris and Michael gave us a link to this page where some photos have been posted of this UFO. Thanks, guys!

Here is an amazing photo of this UFO sent to us by Yusuf Salie.

Take a look at the comments from the previous post. Two more people witnessed the same UFO.

UPDATE: We received a report from a pilot that flew from Johannesburg to Cape Town last night (11 December 2012). He saw a strange object in the sky over Kimberley. Read it here. We believe this might be the same object others saw in the Cape area.

56 thoughts on “Mass UFO sighting in Cape Town | 11 December

  1. Gerben van den Hoogen

    Me and my wife saw it to from Durbanville. It looked like a spot light through mist, but it was absolutely clear. Then the object started to vapor from front as to “breaking” in the atmosphere. The cloud smoked out in flower shape and behind the vapor cloud a shiny orb stayed visible. The entire visual took about 1-2 minutes. Amazing!

  2. we stay in brackenfell/durbanville area and saw a cloud like object moving at a high speed with lights coming out of it, it then just disapated into nothing! this was around 8.30pm

  3. This was sighted in Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, Retreat, last night as well. My nephew and I were sitting on my front portch at about 20h30 and witnessed this phenomenon. I only managed to get a picture of the smoke trail it left behind. It was visible for about 20 seconds. Amazing.

  4. Hi there, i witnessed the sighting around Cape Town area last night. Has any enquiries been done into it? It has indeed converted my anti UFO husband into believing in it now that his seen it too.

  5. Graeme Coburn


  6. We saw it clearly from Diemersfontein in Wellington, Western Cape. It was a strange light with what looked like a bright cylindrical headlight. Almost like a comet going backwards. It moved slowly across the sky, and became quite bright at one stage. The light looked like it was shining in a mist, but it was a clear sky… We watched it as it slowly faded and dissappeared. Many others witness it with us – as we were at a outdoor Christmas Carols event. I’m no rocket scientist, but it could not have been any kind of aeroplane, “mysterious rockets”, helicopter, fire lanterns, meteor or any such things. I too understand basic science. I’m also convinced that Nasa will probably lap this up, and try cover it up as if we’re all dummies who should believe their hocus-pocus cover-ups. Welcome to Cape Town International Airport Nasa – may your stay prove to be more civilised than you thought!

  7. i was on my way to the shop when my son and i saw the same thing. It looked like the moon behind the clouds but then the light faded and the cloud stayed the same shape as it evaporated. At first i thought it was the moon but it was positioned on the wrong place in the sky and when i looked properly there was no other clouds in the sky.

  8. Me and my family saw it too! Exactly like in the photo! We should’ve taken a photo too. But we didn’t even think about that.

    We thought it might be two planes flying behind each other, both with huge spotlights in the mist. But there wasn’t mist except for the object itself. Would be interesting to find out what it really was 🙂

  9. Tuesday evening around 9.15pm, seven of us ( 5 in one location and 2 in another location ) all in swellendam, saw EXACTLY the same sightings as mentioned above – a kind of cloud with a searchlight shining upwards and downwards and moving at the speed of a hot air balloon ( very slowly ) . Definitely not a plane. seemed soundless. No explanation

  10. I saw the same thing on Thursday evening last week at about 21.15. I first noticed as I was nearing LLadadno. Then as I came doqwn Suikerbossie hill it was higher than the Sentinel Mountain and between the Sentinel and Chapmans Peak. I thought to myself that it was a bit odd for a full oon to be in that place because that what it l;ooked like behind cloud. There was quite a bit around with the South East blowing. I thought nothing further as Icould not see it from home as it was behind the Sentinel

  11. Lees in n baie afrikaanse aksent…..”We are four very good girlfriends you see, and we went to have wine ‘op die koppie agter’ our house, at first we thought it was the wine, but then my very good friend Chrissie said….Eish guys look at that aeroplane, we all looked…. and after a while we knew THIS was not an aeroplane, because we could not see wings and also there was no red light on the wing because there was no wing…….!! And then we knew….I said maybe it is Lady gaga and we laughed so hard. Then Tienie said to the rest of us, maybe it is a UFO, we got such a fright, Henn almost pee’d her panties. We laughed so hard. It faded, not like a flower like Roxette but it just went away in the sky, we did see a real aeroplane which went in the other direction, it had wings so it had to be.”

  12. True Story

  13. My family and I saw this too, in Fish Hoek at about 7.30 pm, coming from the direction of Noordehoek, then lost sight of it over false bay.

  14. My boyfriend and I saw the same thing last night as we were driving home (Brackenfell, Northern Suburbs). I saw a faded cloud, that at first sight almost looked like the moon, but yet it wasn’t (there were no clouds in the sky)- I also saw a light inside the circle (the core, if i can call it that), it looked like the outside got bigger, then started fading. It was BEYOND crazy – so glad i’m not the only one that saw it!

  15. Me and my wife saw it as well at around 20:00 11-12-2012. We just climbed out of the car in Edward St in Bellville. I saw it at a South-westerly direction, to the left of table mountain at a 45 degree angle. To me it appeared sharp, cone shaped and ‘falling’ towards us at a very high altitude. It could not have been a meteor, but I suspect that it might have been a chunk of dirty ice / comet that burst and broke up. The gasses it contained combusted and ignited, this is where the smoke came from.

    2009 in South Africa. An ‘out of this world’ event happened. I assume that this was some kind of object from a Black project. Below find a direct image and their cover story.

    As it so happened, the Norwegian spiral happened 2 days prior to our ‘Cloud’ which appeared here, in 2009! The same spiral which had secret service rush heads of state to the Alice bunker.

    I do believe, but this was something more porous that gave us a ‘show’!

  16. My wife and I saw it as well at around 20:00 11-12-2012. We just climbed out of the car in Edward St in Bellville. I saw it at a South-westerly direction, to the left of table mountain at a 45 degree angle. To me it appeared sharp, cone shaped and ‘falling’ towards us at a very high altitude. It could not have been a meteor, but I suspect that it might have been a chunk of dirty ice / comet that burst and broke up. The gasses it contained combusted and ignited, this is where the smoke came from.

    2009 in South Africa. An ‘out of this world’ event happened. I assume that this was some kind of object from a Black project. Below find a direct image and their cover story.

    As it so happened, in 2009 the Norwegian spiral happened 2 days prior to our ‘Cloud’ which appeared here! The same spiral which had secret service rush heads of state to the Alice bunker.

    I do believe, but this was something more porous that gave us a ‘show’!

  17. Myself and my friend saw something over the Kirstenhof area last night,11/12/12.It first appeared to be a moon with clouds traveling in front of it and till it passed by when we realized their were no clouds.It looked like a cylindrical shaped object,almost trumpet like.I viewed the pics today and thats what i saw…….What did i actually see?

  18. At about 20:50 my dad and his friend were sitting outside the house chatting n saw a light from far away thinking it was a plane but there were no flickering lights and as it came closer it got bigger and looked like lights in the mist but it was a clear sky out.No clouds at all were outside. When I got home they informed me about what they saw and then i went onto facebook later and saw the same thing they were talking about that is so scary. This was in EAST LONDON

  19. Ronel Swanepoel

    I saw a cloud with a light in it moving from west to east. i looked south. At first it looked just like a cloud with the moon behind. Then it moved and then there was almost a “cross shape- light” on the left hand side behind the cloud. It is not aliens but God giving signs in the heavenlies according to Acts 2:19,20 and Joel 2:30

  20. I was dumb struck when we saw it! I live in Uitzight Durbanville and a friend and myself was sitting outside enjoying the clear open wind free evening. Suddenly our attention was drawn to this misty cloud that got bigger and brighter .. it was so close. we dismissed it as a plane .. only then to realize there was no wing lights. Then it turned and looked as if broken up in 2 .. there was a smaller second object following it. I was to scared to miss the action by grabbing my cam coder! it slowly moved until there was just mist that vanished in the night sky! I just had to google to see if anyone else spotted the mystery that left us speechless!

  21. how high were you all?

  22. Anton & Julie

    We saw the same described object around 8:45pm on 11/12/2012 over the Sedgefield area (seaward), which is quite a long way from CT. Checked reports of mini shuttle and astroid – nope!

  23. we saw the same thing in Kuils River area on that night round about 20h30….we have pics and video clip as well….

  24. We saw the same thing in the Worcester area.

  25. Time 20h30 ish – 11th december 2012

    I saw a white light in the sky very very clearly and as I realized that it was not a star or a plane I was looking at – it suddenly went into a cloud on a very cloudless night or rather the cloud came out of nowhere and started to morph around the light – as if the light was making its own cloud.

    With the white light in the cloud – the cloud then starts to travel very fast on a windless night towards the south right over my head – I watched this for just under a minute – and knew I was seeing my first ever STRANGE sighting… very exciting – then to add to the event my boyfriend arrives home gets out of the car and says he and his team had to stop on the side of the road as they watched this white light climb into a cloud and travel away on a beautiful cloudless summer night sky!

  26. Bernardt schmidt

    On Tuesday evening we also saw that same cloud on our farm..only thing is we are 700km away from cape town in the northern either that thing moves like a mofo or there’s more than one!!

  27. Craig Sherrell

    Cloud like shape moving through the Franschhoek Valley, bright light behind it. Almost transparent but you could see it because of the light shining from it. 4 witnesses experienced it at the same time.

  28. Brian Porter

    I found out from somoeone at the Sutherland Observatory that this was a rocket reentering the atmosphere. The cloud was fuel that had escaped and the two lights following it were pieces of the rocket itself. I saw a great photograph on facebook!

    Now it is an IFO! Well for me anyway!

  29. The fact that people outside the cape town area saw the same thing indicates that it was outside our atmosphere, so i am sticking to the asteroid theory. I lam a firm believer that we are not alone and would be the first to jump up and down with excitement if there was a real sighting. Most likely the asteroid warmed up a bit as it got closer (70 million miles or something like that) to our sun and started emitting gas, hence the cloud. It would have only shown up for a short while while the sunlight reflected off of it. Enjoying the excitement around this event 🙂

  30. who ever posted this link:

    well done! 🙂

  31. On the evening of the 11.11.2012 friends and i were out at Clifton Beach, we were a arge group round about 14 ppl, and we all spotted it.

    The shape was somewhat funnel like – projecting a light, which made it seem almost foggy or cloudlike, yet there was no clouds or fog in the air that evening. at the back end it seemed like a straight line leading up to what looked like a star or the base of whatever this thing was.

    If anyone was around cape town camps bay or clifton that night, you will understand when I say this thing was biiig. If you just think to yourself, looking at an airplane through the naked eye whilst it is flying its quite small, YET if we stand infront of it its quite big.

    Whatever this was to the naked eye from where we were was hugggge..

    Super glad there was others that spotted this. Great to read everyone elses take on what they think it was

  32. I was flying a night flight on the 11th and landed at Saldanha airfield. After I had checked my fuel and was taxiing back onto the runway I noticed to the north west of the airfield a small object on fire falling from the sky, very slowly drifting down, about 4km away and about 1000′ up. It burnt up just before hitting the ground. I shrugged it off until just after I had taken off en-route Cape Town when I was flying at around 3500′ just before Darling I noticed about a kilometer directly in front of me something similar falling out the sky. These two incidents happened within 15min of each other at around 2200 local time. Ive seen shooting stars before and this was nothing like that. When I got home later that evening I started reading on Facebook about people seeing similar things as to what has been described above as a light in cloud. I feel there’s some connection between what I saw and that because ive never seen anything like it and thought I’d share my story

  33. I live in Swellendam. On Tuesday night the 11th of December 2012 I saw the same light. The light looked like a shining cloud ejecting vapour on the one side. Just behind it was a faint light which seemed to be following the cloud. It moved fast. It came from the West towards the East and turned to the South.

  34. ronel swanepoel

    @ Brian and ET. When you see a meteor, it is very fast … just a few seconds or so. This was a few minutes, not seconds, moving steadily in a horizontal plane. Rockets and meteors don’t move that way. And again, it is not an UFO, but a sign from God Himself. Read Acts 2 and Joel 2

  35. It was the x-37b OTV … check out this awesome footage i just found 🙂

    Been fun, hopefully next time it is alien space ship and not man made 😛

  36. I live in Fish Hoek and last night a friend and i witnessed a blue light flash just above the Clovelly/Kalk Bay mountain, it then flashed a bit higher and flashed one more time. After that we noticed a white abject starting to move across the sky, we realized it was a disk shaped object that flew over the valley at a steady pace. Two of my friends also said that they witnessed a flash of lights in the Fish Hoek sky last night as well.

  37. .I was watching TV and playing around on the couch, then i was facing the window and caught sight of this “UFO” .I saw the UFO with my dad .it was sitting still next to another star and it slowly started to move towards table mountain . It was fast but not to fast.then I saw rings around it? I think went behind some misty cloud and then just looked blury..

  38. I saw this “cloud” about 20h30 @ the V&A waterfont, Cape town, thinking I’d imagine it, because when I ran to tell my friends it had faded already …

  39. ronel swanepoel

    On what date Nicole?

  40. My son kept on pestering me about the strange light in the sky for 3 days! He told me that’s UFO’s, and I kept on saying its just a plane or some sort of aircraft, boy was I wrong! I’m in Lansdowne in a flat, so u can see the sky clearly. This only happens between 19:00 and 21:00

  41. We were on our way home in savannah park chatsworth and sighted chinese latern like objects in the sky. it seemed so close but slowly disappeared. looked like a flare of light… astonished

  42. I saw at least 9 or 10 lights in the sky at about 5 minutes to midnight 21/12/12 from lower Constantia looking towards the mountains above Hout Bay . 5 of them were in a sideways diamond formation the others were hovering round them. At first I wondered how stars could have such a strange formation. Some were red. They all moved randomly about slightly and then disappeared but as they were doing so a very bright red light seemed to rise above the mountain and one by one they disappeared into the night sky. The moon was shining brightly. I never believed in UFO’s, I am sane and was so awe struck I didn’t think to try and take a video with my phone.

  43. Tableview at 8.40pm 11.12.12 Three of us were outside and we saw a cloud moving very fast and then hover and what looked like a portion of the moon behind the cloud. The light was as bright as the moon then the shape changed like trails of cloud wafting in an conical type shape.The object was still for a while and then moved at great speed inland . On researching this i found the sight showing the april appearance at the Stadium . I was happy to see an almost identical video footage of what we had seen and also another person visiting here had written on that site that she had also seen it .I am glad people are reporting what they have seen and managing to take pictures and videos. I first saw a ‘ufo’ in the 70’s also 3 of us, on our balcony at Moses beach Clifton.People said i was crazy! Then in May 2011 we viewed an incredible sighting from our upstairs lounge, about midnight ,we saw an incredible array of bright red fiery coloured lights in a very definate pattern (which i can still draw) It was on the blauuberg beach area and we could see it for about 15 mins or more. It was enormousThe lights changed colour to white and then vanished. It did not move at all…I saw No reports of this…?? We decided it was a light show only for us.Thank you for this page..It helps to be able to share the signs and wonders we have seen.

  44. I was driving along the Kommetjie rd from fish hoek to sun valley 8:45 pm 24 dec 2012. I saw 2 orange red flares in the sky ahead, together, there was a flicker of green in the lights.. I stopped to have a good look, noticing that they were coming through the valley from long beach towards fish hoek, as soon as they got to a 45′ angle from my view, their light went out, they were headed towards the moon light, I kept my gaze on that moon hoping to see something… and boom!! They came past, I could see their classic disc shape.. I called a friend in excitement, another came , and then another. They were traveling under the cloud line.. Their lights did not flicker, each had 1 light in front, no sound and were about 10m diameter.. Speed looked, smooth n fast.

  45. 1- 02- 2013 Hi I dont know if anybody has seen this but last friday and a week before in Gordons Bay we noticed a very stang red light moving up the Hottentots Hollan mountainn only to take off into the sky and rear off slightly to the side and then rise height into the sky until it dissappeard. i called my friend and Hubby to take a look as I wanted to make sure I was really seeing this. Everyone agreed this was not an normal occurance.Definately not a chinese lanturn or flair because if its strange behaveior. This has happend twise in the last week. Why arent we hearing about these things in the news. i notice the very same things are being seen around the world. Unfortunately i didnt film it! but from utube clips Ive seen its exactly the same thing

  46. hey…..tonight i noticed it near lions head 19-00 / 20-00a cloud shape thing with a light behind it im from goodwood an it was clearly visible…Its was there for like 2min i had no clue hat it was

  47. We saw it from Wellington………totally insane, not a feat of nature, was really eerie.

  48. About 3 years ago myself and both my parents were standing in my old house’s driveway in Noordhoek on a clear Sunday night, around 9:30pm.

    We saw an object that looked like a satellite going slowly in the sky but suddenly picked up speed very quickly and changed direction to around 160 degrees at a very high speed. It then stopped and starting fading, looked like it was accelerating upwards. It disappeared at that point and we didn’t see it again.

    It felt bone chilling because no technology we have can change course at such a high speed and make it look like nothing. My father was in both the airforce and navy and said he had never seen anything like it.

    About 2 years ago myself and two mates were standing in our garden at about 5am chatting about the night out we’d just had – by then in a sober state I’d like to add. There were very few clouds in the sky and a light South-Easterly breeze was beginning to sweep the city. The Eastern sky toward Muizenberg was just about showing signs of light when we saw them; four, eerily bright blue flashes that emanated from behind a bank of small puffy clouds, directly above us in the center of the sky. It could not have been lightening as that only occurs when north-westerly fronts hit the Cape. They did not flash in any sort of pattern, the first three happened about a split second after each other and the fourth flash delayed about 2 seconds after the third. One of us scrambled inside to grab a camera but it was too late, the flashes did not appear again.

    Watch your skies people!

  49. Lee-Ann Van Der Byl

    September 29th, 2013:
    Yes I saw it, in Durban, Newlands east, Hangberger Road, about after 8 pm. I was not alone, I was standing with my mom and dad outside, we had just been saying our good byes, and had emerged out of very deep Biblical discussions. As I got outside the front of my house, im not sure why I looked up toward the side of me, and I thought I was imagining, but I told my mom and dad to look up too, and they did, and it was too clear to deny. And it was huge! you didn’t have to strain your eyes, and it was lower than aircraft altitude.There was a distinct white circle that looked like it was made out of clouds, but too perfectly round, and it didn’t loose its shape. In the very centre of the circle was a bright light that illuminated the white circle, and we couldn’t say for sure what the circle was made of because of the light that illuminated it, and the light sort of twinkled, so we thought it was a star, we were still talking about the Crucifix of Jesus, while looking at this thing(don’t know what to call it) when I said, to my folks, i’m no scientist, but hey, stars don’t move, because this circle moved together with this star-like light, and we were no longer looking at it from the direction in the sky where it first became visible to us, we were now staring straight in front of us, and up in the sky. We were taken aback, because you couldn’t tell what it was because there were no other flashing lights, just a distinct circle that grew lighter. So I looked at the rest of the night sky, and there were a lot of stars, but they were stationed. I then said jokingly to my folks, Hey! Ezekiel saw the Wheel, way up in the middle of the air! As recorded in the Bible, and we were feeling mixed feelings as we stared, I generally never let a camera moment slide, but I learned that I did get stumped! When we looked up it was just not there anymore. We didn’t see its exit, it just vanished, maybe because we were still chatting bout Ezekiel. My first time seeing something like this! And you do certainly feel a presence, of some other existence, that just makes you stare!

  50. Hi Lee-Ann

    Witnessed exactly the same in Port elizabeth just after 7pm.Very strange indeed !!!!

    • Rachelle viviers sunvalley fish hoek last night I was standing in the garden when all of a sudden a huge bright orange light appeared it was round about 9:30 pm in the evening and it seemed to be traveling at quite a speed towards long beach in noord hoek and out over the ocean before it disappeared I don’t know if it was a Chinese lantern but it sure did not look like it if anyone saw the same thing last night could please explain as to what it might be as is very freaky

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