UFO sighting in Cape Town #4 with photos

Place: Outskirts of Cape Town CBD in direction of Milnerton and
Ysterplaat Air Force Base
Time and date: Between 21h10 and 21h22 on December 1, 2012
Submitted by: JP

I am staying on the second (Top) level of an apartment complex in Bergvliet in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. My living room window facing directly North towards Table Mountain, Devil’s Piek and the University of Cape Town (UCT). I have an unobstructed view of the mountain and the Cape Flats. Cape Town International Airport is located to the North Eastern side of my apartment towards the Boland Mountains. I can see the airplanes approaching the airport from a North Eastern direction to land at the airport, even when they are still over the Boland Mountains. Normally on a Saturday evening, the flying aircraft over Cape Town is very limited to nothing.

While watching TV, I saw a bright looking object in the sky above the horizon and to the north of the University (UCT). This object was about fifteen kilometers away in a clear sky. I called my wife and we both observed a bright flying object flying up and down and left to right with high speeds, making very sharp and erratic movements in all directions. The object would fly straight up into the air, and came down with high speed, with a sudden sharp 45 degrees move towards a westerly and sometimes an easterly direction without slowing down.

The object would then make a very sharp 180-degree turn-a-round, flying in the opposite direction and suddenly turning sharply up into the air again. The type of flying was very sharp and not as smooth as what is normally associated with normal aircraft. The speed of the object was amazing, especially when making the sharp movements into a different direction. The flying area that this object covered was relatively small in comparison with the speed of the object. At this stage, I was not thinking of UFOs because there are always flying aircraft above the Cape Flats area.

At first my wife and I was observing the object with a binocular. One can always identify an aircraft when looking through the binoculars. I could see a cylindrical shaped object with a very bright blue light on the one side and a very bright red light on the other side of the object when looking through the binocular.

This reminded me of the light bar on top of a police or traffic vehicle. At the bottom of the cylindrical object was a bright white light. The lights were burning constantly and were not signaling like what is happening with normal aircraft lights. Depending on the type of movement of the object, the blue, red and white lights would be on the opposite end of the object. This was also not like what I have observed from normal aircraft. Of particular interest was that this object was not making his way to the airport or into any specific direction. It was just there and would later disappear into thin air.

I grabbed my camera, a 12.1 megapixel Canon Ixus 10015 Digital Camera with 12X zoom capability and was able to take some pictures of the object. After a while, the object just disappeared in the air, as if somebody switched off the lights.

I downloaded the pictures onto my desktop and was amazed to what I was seeing. This is very different from what I normally see in the sky and I can confirm that this object was not an identifiable flying aircraft. Apart from being cylindrical shaped, I cannot further explain the shape and size of the object or identify this object with anything that I have seen in my life before.

Religion is based on belief whilst science is based on evidence. My evidence is my pictures that I took and until proven otherwise, I have to accept that this object was an unidentified flying object (UFO).

UFO sighting Cape Town 1 December 2012

UFO sighting Cape Town 1 December 2012

UFO sighting Cape Town 1 December 2012

7 thoughts on “UFO sighting in Cape Town #4 with photos

  1. nothing compared with what we saw tonight… Geeeeezzz, they have arrived!

  2. Gail Morrison

    I saw something similar at about 8.30, and we have a great view out over the Cape Flats up high on Tygerberg Hill (facing the airport) I often watch planes coming in to land, and my sister first noticed the object, which was then flashing (she has left, so I will check later with her what colour the light was, though I think she would have said if it was anything other than white). When I saw the object, it looked like a small white cloud of diffuse light, travelling very slowly in the same direction, approximately southwards. It appeared to be in the flightpath of planes coming in to land, so I was concerned that it was going to cause an obstruction, particularly as it was moving so slowly. As it moved across our field of vision, it became fainter and fainter while not diminishing in size, and I assumed that the light source was on one side, and the increasing angle of the object was now obscuring the light (we were now looking at an opaque object that we could not see against the night sky) Never seen anything like this before and I would love to know what the air force or the met service have to say about it.

  3. Gail Morrison

    JP, can you share your picture?

  4. Joy Morrison

    I saw this white cloud-like object around 8:30pm from our view upstairs of the Cape flats and Table Mountain. I think it was one of those lit balloons that you can let up once you have lit the burner. This one was white with a light seen from time to time. It seemed to be a wispy cloud and came from the north and went south close by to Tygerberg Hill where we are staying. I didnt get a photo but got a good look at it.

  5. I also saw the cloud like object at around 20:40 last night moving from the West. It looked like a satellite ejecting a cloud of vapor that expanded as it moved through the sky and became fainter. I have spoken to others who saw it. I am sure some good video footage will become available soon.

    Take a look at the photo’s uploaded on this site: http://lifeissavage.com/2012/12/12/did-you-see-this-strange-ufo-light-over-cape-town-last-night-pic/

  6. @Gail Morrison: – I have forwarded the pictures to the site adminsitrators who will do the uploading of the pictures.

    Just for the record: I keep on looking at the same area where i observed the sighting every night and at different times to see if i can spot the object or activity again.
    So far, no success.

    So it remains a UFO sighting.

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