UFO sighting in Cape Town #3

Place: Hospital Bend, Cape Town
Time and date: 5 December 2012 at 17.30
Submitted by: John

I was driving home , just coming off hospital bend when I noticed a white orb cruising across the sky. At first I thought it was a plastic bag or balloon, but then I noticed that it was cruising with a constant speed and was slightly reflective. I was going to use my phone to record it but then realized the video would be too low res.

I would have guessed it to be a little smaller than a car. The 4 people in the car behind and next to me had also seen it and were looking out their windows to get a better view. I must have found it quite out of the norm because I even dreamt about it that night.

I told a colleague about it and she described a similar thing she saw a couple weeks ago in the direction of Devil’s Peak but didn’t say anything because we would have thought her strange..

Read about the mass UFO sighting in Cape Town on the 11th of December.

19 thoughts on “UFO sighting in Cape Town #3

  1. We live out towards the Bottelary Hills area and this evening (11/12/2012) at around 20:40, saw a weird sight. It looked like a cloud moving and was lighted up. It turned and then suddenly stopped and started to vanish. There was an aircraft a couple of kilometers from this object and one could clearly see the aircraft and this object did not look like another aircraft.

    The skies were unusualy clear this evening with no clouds or fog. Did anyone else see this?

    I am a pilot myself and know what aircraft look like….

    • Yes! we saw this as well! My wife and 2 of my friends. We live out in fish hoek and saw this thing coming in our direction then turned and moved on over the bay towards Betttys bay!

  2. Last night we saw somthing moving across the sky,it started of with a bright light,then it just cruised and was covered by a kind of a cloud,but it was a cloudless clear sky last night and we made it out to be the shape of a stingray fish,broad flat,and tail like figure.

  3. We saw this last night at the same time 20:40pm while driving down the R300 towards the N2. The wind was blowing in the opposite direction that the object was flying, could not of been a cloud. And then disappeared above us.

  4. The object in the sky last night over cape town (11/12/12) co-incided with a shuttle launch in america. It is most properly what we saw.

  5. We saw this from Noordhoek too. I don’t believe it was a shuttle it was pretty low in the sky, moving pretty slow, lighting up the clouds. no audible noise

    • Sarah Mansell

      If it was a shuttle launch in america how could we be seeing it at mountain altitude in Cape Town and surrounds?? My sister, husband and nephew saw it too – and theyre in Fish Hoek, not the States

  6. just heard on the radio that it was a rocket reentering the atmosphere and the small cloud around it was fuel that ignited & burning up…sorry no aliens yet :d

  7. Bull…this was no rocket or shuttle. As per above statement of it being a stingray shape, I too could slightly make out a broad shape that had like a row of lights. It was low flying and changed direction before vanishing. Why is there always a cover up attempt?

  8. We saw this same thing coming from the West, cruising opposite direction of the wind inland. We are in Paternoster on the West Coast. It started as a bright light, like a very slow moving shooting star, and then transformed into a spere with a conical vapor cloud. it lasted for almost 1 minute until it disappeared. We got pictures. It was probably the “mysterious X-37B space plane”…launched just after 1 pm US eastern time, which gives it time to reach SA.

  9. Our history needs to be rewritten. The ancient astronomical monuments built thousands of years ago had to have been built with a superior intelligence as we certainly cannot build them today, even with our ‘advanced’ technology its impossible. We have to research our roots because their is just too much that doesn’t make sense.
    The AWAKENING has started and people are slowly starting to realise this.
    I have read some of Micheal Tellingers’ work, some – eye opening stuff………….

  10. We saw this in port elizabeth, found ot quite weird. But definately a bright light moving slowly through the skies. It was an unuasually clear evening a well. Not sure what it was, but its the first time i witness this…..

  11. Next time someone spots something, please take some pictures or a video with your phone..

  12. ronel swanepoel

    The shuttle launched backwards into time, space and place from the 12 Dec in the USA right into SA on the 11th of December 😀 yeah right!

    Russell, what date and time did you people see it in PE?

  13. At least I will know not to switch on any lights when I decide to visit earth coz its absolutely clear that I will be seen by the inhabitants of that planet.

  14. My sighting of the 16 th confirms al these viewers points of view. There is someting going on right now, and we could not all hve seen objects or UFO appearing the same, and at more or Less the same time in this area !
    See Youtube anomalies.ahbotha or just type in Andrew Btha
    KiNd regards, Go well UFORSA
    Andrew Botha West Beach

  15. my daughter and I were walking from the house shop when we saw three lights in the sky jumping all over covering large distances at incredible speeds, I hate to admit we ran home as fast as we could and told my wife what we had just seen my daughter went to crouch in a corner she is a very mature thirteen year old but she was petrified,

  16. I was driving along the Kommetjie rd from fish hoek to sun valley 8:45 pm 24 dec 2012. I saw 2 orange red flares in the sky ahead, together, there was a flicker of green in the lights.. I stopped to have a good look, noticing that they were coming through the valley from long beach towards fish hoek, as soon as they got to a 45′ angle from my view, their light went out, they were headed towards the moon light, I kept my gaze on that moon hoping to see something… and boom!! They came past, I could see their classic disc shape.. I called a friend in excitement, another came , and then another. They were traveling under the cloud line.. Their lights did not flicker, each had 1 light in front, no sound and were about 10m diameter.. Speed looked, smooth n fast.

  17. grant scheeper

    I believe for I have experienced similar events. Saw a ship appear in the sky in November 2012 . called my daughter to come and have a look, but unfortunitely the thing disappeared. The Western Cape space will be flooded by space ships in July 2013 and will be visible during the day . I was visited by aliens since 30 years back . There is a huge ship in the Indian ocean which entered into our space on Friday 23 May 2003. Have been on it as it. It can carry 1900 people as there are so many human cubicles build into it. They not here to harm us , but to save us from the global catastrophy which will destroy all life on the planet. Humans are tested according to their DNA standards which qualify them to go with to a planet near Alpha Centauri. The flight will only last four hours and twenty minutes.

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