UFO sighting in Cape Town #2

Place: Rondebosch, Cape Town
Time and date: 26 November at 8:30 PM
Submitted by: Shi

My family and I were sitting in a car when I spotted dozens of flying objects crossing the sky. I jumped out of the car and saw them coming over like war planes, orange lights flashing. My partner got out and shouted, “there’s more coming !” Within seconds they vanished into thin air. I have never seen anything like this. After mentioning this on Facebook, my friend mentioned they saw it as well while having a braai in the same area Rondebosch! I’m convinced.

Would like to know if anyone else witnessed it?

2 thoughts on “UFO sighting in Cape Town #2

  1. Hi, I stay in Somerset West and saw the exact same thing earlier this year. Orange balls of light flying over the Helderberg towards the sea. There were quite many of them and a lot of people saw it late at night. I have also received information that they are Sun flares – not quite sure but possible.

  2. Viewers, just keep your Video equipment pointing towards the Southern Cross Crux system from about 2300 hours to 0300 in the morning.
    Aircraft have strobe lights, and the UFO will be noticed with White Orange and Red color lights or power glowing. No sound !
    Make sure you check frame by frame, by slowing it down and making sure what the eye cannot see the video camera did see !
    I can promise you, just be consistant, every night, and you will have more than luck !
    Kind regards
    Andrew Botha

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