UFO Sighting in Brackenfell

Place: Brackenfell, Cape Town
Time and Date: 08:37 17 February 2013
Submitted by: Ferdi van Zyl

Report: Hi, Our family was outside at approx 08h35 last night when we suddenly saw a blue light turning red at about 11o’ clock in the Western skies, very high up – approx directly over Newlands. The light slowly turned orange and then disappeared to a ghostly white shape as per my drawing. It moved very fast without tumbling in a straight line towards the Hottentots-Holland Mountain where after it disappeared from view. It moved at great speed. It was not a random movement as with asteroids or meteorites but a definite movement by the flying object in a straight flight pattern. It was huge. No sound and no lights

Flying object 17 Feb 2013

One thought on “UFO Sighting in Brackenfell

  1. Desiree Rorke

    Please contact me re above sighting in Brackenfell Ferde, i would like to write a story. Desiree

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