UFO sighting in Boksburg

Place: Boksburg
Time and date: 1 January 2012 at 00:10
Submitted by: Anon

An orange ball travelling from n to s. Thought it might be fireworks but stayed in a fairly straight line movement for at least 5 minutes until it dimmed out in the distance. 2 minutes later both my wife and I was still discussing it and we saw the same sort of object and colour but on the western side of horizon also moving away from us until it also dimmed out in the distance after about 6 minutes.

We know planes as we stay close to the airport but the planes were landing from south to north and not north to south as the first object was traveling.


Place: Boksburg
Time and date: 31 December 2012 and 1 January 2013 at 20:45
Submitted by: Tanya

Bright orange lights! NO SOUND!!! Moving very fast!!! NOT FIREWORKS as we saw 5 of these objects! Across the OR Thambo airspace! We have stayed here 14 years, we know the law and rules of planes and crafts passing over the runway, this is not allowed at all, while we saw these objects planes were approaching and we all know that is not allowed, if it was a plane the ATNS would not have cleared them to pass across the runway, these crafts passed across the runway and then the lights went off! We followed these dark round anf flat objects as they hovered across the runway at a miraculous speed! Then all of a sudden they just disappear! No sound at all!!! What is this????

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  1. On new years eve we saw 3 of the similar objects, we also stay right by the airport and we have seen these objects passing across the runway while a plane was approaching! Last night on the 1st of january we saw 2 of these strange orange lights again, the first one we saw, my daughter was following to see what it was, when the orange light just went off and then we saw a round dark object hovering along the runway, approximately 5minutes later another one came along and we followed it as well, the same thing happened where the light went off and the round flat object hovered and moved across the entire OR Tambo airspace, while a plane was approaching! We followed it still and it disappeared! We also want clarity on this matter because we know for sure that it was NOT fireworks! These objects ( all 5 we saw) made no sound at all and disappeared into thin air!!! Please tell us where you stay, feel free to email me about this matter merwevandertanya@hotmail.com WHY DID ATNS NOT DETECT THIS!!!

  2. I saw the same thing new year 00:10 in witbank, at first i thought it is one of those china candles bud reallised that it was traveling very fast

  3. keegen martins

    Me and my brother in law saw the bright orange lights on the 1st of jan 2013 it moved very fast we done stay far from the rand air port so we would have known if it was a air plane but this light would move in the distance from the south to the north the just disappear it passed 4 time eeach time getting closer I would love to get an explanation as to what this light was in the sky as I am 100% sure that what I saw is not a star or air plane

  4. At about 8pm last night, Saturday 9th February 2013, I walked into our back yard to go find the tortoises we’re babysitting. I looked up into the sky when I heard the airoplane and saw it travelling towards Pretoria.

    It was then that I noticed two of these same orange objects travelling from Benoni side, flying West towards Boksburg, then turning South in a definate arc towards lower Boksburg area. The lights then did seem to fade out in the distance.

    From the time I noticed the first two. I counted seven in total. I called my wife to witness the last four with me so I’m not smoking anything. I took a camera image of the one, and a short video of another, but it’s very poor quality in the dark.

    If there are ‘chinese lanterns’, then I have a few questions that don’t add up:

    – With the lights still ‘burning’ quick bright, wouldn’t the ‘lanterns’ continue their rise? They stayed at the same identical height as they travelled.

    – Why would all seven of them fly in EXACTLY the same flight path? Wouldn’t the winds be more eratic? I’ve seen many helium balloons float up and away and they DON’T travel sideways keeping a smooth and consistent flight path.

    – Why on earth were they travelling so fast, given the distance from me?

    The lanterns theory just doesn’t add up.


  5. Around 8h15PM on Saturday the 8th of February I looked out and saw three red round lights in the sky above Sunward Park Boksburg. I called my husband who also saw it very clearly. The 3 lights did not move at all, it was just hanging there. I then ran to grab my camera. When I returned, the 3 lights seemed to mive a bid further away. Then a fourth light appeared from behind the water towers. It moved away very quickly. We also pondered on the idea of chinese lanterns; however we knew that chinece lanterns could not hang stationary like that for such a long time and it could also not move away so quickly. It was only till I saw a program on TV by chance on Friday night about exstra terestials that I decided to google the insident. As I walked into the TV room; I saw the exact same three red lights on the TV screen. It was a program about sightings during 2004 somewhere in America. I again called my husband who agreed that these lights and that on the TV show where very similar. Unfortunately the quality of the photos taken in the dark are bad.

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