UFO sighting Hartebeespoortdam

Place: Above Hartebeespoort dam or slight further
Time and Date: 21.02.2013
Submitted by: Teddy Moloto

Report: Multi-coloured lights hovering, sometimes moving from side to side.No sound was made.

One thought on “UFO sighting Hartebeespoortdam

  1. Trust me ,people who says these things don’t exist haven’t got a clue on how wrong they really are. I don’t need anyone’s opinion about them.I have seen my 4th one today at about 11h00 at harties dam from the top of the mountain. In seven years i have seen 4 . No one will ever change my mind about them . NO wings, no engine noise , no helicopter blades, no propellers , no rockets propulsion ,no jet engines, no (weather balloon) as the BOERE always says , no hot air balloon . They sometime remain in a static position for like 20min without moving an inch in any direction. The one i saw at harties today had very bright lights surrounding its disk like shape while revolving very slowly.

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