UFO sighting by Camps Bay

Time and date: 6 April 2014 at 9:50 PM
Place: Camps Bay
Submitted by: Darren

I was sitting on my patio at around 9:50pm on Sunday 6th of April. It was a clear night with no wind tonight, quarter crescent moon. I was admiring the moonlight across the sea when I noticed all of a sudden an orange bright light appeared about 5km out at sea and if I were to estimate between 2000ft and 5000ft above the sea. The light appeared from nowhere, started moving quite quickly to the right. At first I thought it was a plane but then realised I couldn’t hear any sound other than the sound of the sea. Thne I saw the light literally stop in its tracks, and go left for a little bit, then do a full circle, then continue to move to the right and all of a sudden vanish. If anyone else saw such a light over the sea near Camps Bay on this night, please let me know. Very strange indeed. The whole sighting lasted about 20 seconds.
No images to submit as I didnt have my phone with me.

4 thoughts on “UFO sighting by Camps Bay

  1. hey I saw the same orange lights over Blackheath capetwn ths past weekend at around 9pm, thy were 4 or 5 of them. moving in a line then turning at an excect possition as the other before vanishing at the excect location as the other one.

  2. We were a braai outside, about 5 of us at that time around the Brakenfel area. We saw similar objects, 4 of them 1 after the other moving in the same trajectory. How could that be? If they were unmanned objects they should have been all over the sky. By they moved in circular motion in unison.

  3. Sandra Fischer

    Not the same, but we just saw a strange ring like object far out over the sea from Camps Bay. We couldn’t see it properly, even with binoculars but we could see that it was not a plane or helicopter. Today, 22nd June 2014.

  4. Just saw a UFO in Gordons Bay, 23 Oct 2014 – Time 14h58. Very high up in the sky, a round white/grey figure traveling at a fast speed, faster that a plane, also not even moving in a straight line. Traveled in the direction Gordond Bay to Cape Town.

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