UFO sighting – Bayside Mall, Cape Town

Place: Blouberg Road above Bayside Mall, Cape Town
Time and date: Around 11 PM 13th January 2013
Submitted by: Bruce

I had witnessed a continuous red light hovering in a seemingly straight line on 13th January 2013 around 23:XX with my dad at Blouberg Road above Bayside Mall ( Cape Town ) in direction of 45 degrees from the road axis towards the sea. After disappearing, what later on the same day I found someone post images on Youtube under the Channel Andrew Botha (The snapshot failed to load onto the website ) in with at the time I was’t interesting in filming a extreamly blurry picture with my phone. In which he reports had changed trajectory after reaching the sea.

9 thoughts on “UFO sighting – Bayside Mall, Cape Town

  1. Those were Night Sky Lanterns flying over Bayside Mall.

    • Sky Lanterns Usually fly in mass, and Don’t give of flame-like protrusions, if it where burning, it wouldn’t behave the way it did, either it would have burned out, or simply fallen. And like I mentioned, it was a single light and it was going at the same speed a low altitude aircraft would.

      Do you know any social events involving lanterns at the time? And just to mention this website has similar reports, extending all over the years before and after the stated date.
      Here’s a link to what I saw, but please disregard the video commentary as it looks amature opinated, despite him claiming to be a former pilot.

  2. For R14 and a cellphone you can make great fake UFO photos. The only thing people have been seeing is Night Sky Lanterns and other fake UFO photos.

    • I have seen extremely elaborate footage of UFO events that have been marked as made up, so elaborate that I was freaked out. And believe me when I say I’m the type of person who is usually fearless in the face of oddity and absurdness. There is no doubt in my mind, that we are not alone in the universe, (considering it’s dimentions). Stating a footage is fake is not enouth to convict it, as some footage (of other stuff) that are real, also look fake.
      But just for a moment, let’s be reminded that UFO’s are Unidentified Flying Objects. That doesn’t mean there’s little green/gray men in them.

      • Some people do not wish to know. I have no idea why they hang around these sites to troll the experiences of others. Let’s set up the presentation evening around the Blouberg area (I’ll arrange a suitable venue with a projector and so on), everyone may bring photos or whatever they have and we’ll swop stories with kindred souls who share a common interest.

  3. Wish I could be there!

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