UFO sighting at Port Elizabeth 29/09/13

Time and date: 29 September 2013 between 8 and 9 PM
Place: Port Elizabeth
Submitted by: Daniel

I saw the exact same insident (port elizabeth between 8 and 9 pm). as far as I can remember the one I saw came towards my house from the sea side from the east. I could not say how far it was away but it had like a blue plasma spinning arround two to five revelutions a second the blue ora got big as it got closer – later as big as the moon. it hovered for a few second. i yelled at my wife to bring the camera and took 2 or 3 pics on my cam but you can not see the neclues on the camera properly. the light was very sharp penetrating light spot at the center. it eventually turned to the north and moved slowly over the hills. as far as i know fuel dumps dont travel in balls and it does not glow. this object was in a very low part of the atmosphere making unusual turns.

One thought on “UFO sighting at Port Elizabeth 29/09/13

  1. Crystal Morris

    I have been seeing similar lights in north Alabama USA. I’ve been seeing them for months almost every night, even some nights when there is so much cloud coverage that normal stars can’t be seen… I really never before this began, never would I have considered the possibility of UFO or extra-terrestrial existence, but now I do believe there are other species on other planets warning us or observing us as we kill our planet and ultimately our own human species.

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