UFO Seen in boksburg

Date: 02/06/2018
Time: 07:19 pm
Place: Boksburg -26.236488, 28.295545
Submitted by: Andrew


Saw a ufo by M43
Leeuwpoort 113-Ir, Boksburg, 1459
-26.236488, 28.295545
near Engen van dyk park service station

Bright object white in colour passing by very fast in the sky. Not mistaking it for a star, flying roughly same or high altitude as a normal plane but 4x to 5x times faster.

2 thoughts on “UFO Seen in boksburg

  1. Elsabie Templeton

    Last night several reports came through from friends in various places in Botswana roughly 7:30pm of very bright fast moving lights. My husband was on way to Gauteng from Kimberley and also commented on it.

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