UFO over Jeffrey’s Bay

Time and date: December 2011 at 24:00
Place: Jeffrey’s Bay
Submitted by: G.T. Olivier

I’d like to report a sighting that me and my friend saw at Jeffreys Bay in 2011 December at around 24:00 at night, unfortunately the precise date can not be given. What we saw, was nothing like your ordinary UFO.

It had no light, engine sound, visible color, or anything recognizable, but something was hovering at a fast consistent speed over the sky, much bigger than just an ordinary Cessna plane, some part of the pitch black object had a strange trapeze shape. The only way we could see this, was that there was a very bright light from one of the houses yard, that made the UFO visible in the dark night sky. For a few moments we could see this shape in the sky, before it went over a small hill where we could no longer see it.

For, me personally don’t really believe it necessary aliens, but rather a secret military flying object that should make more sense.
However we don’t know, but it should concern us all that other UFOs are entering our country, aliens or te not, how can our military not pick it up??



2 thoughts on “UFO over Jeffrey’s Bay

  1. The South African military is very much aware of flying objects in our skies, alien and human. They don’t disclose details to the public for security reasons as well as the fear of public hysteria. I’m not an avid follower of the strange and mysterious, but get a kick out of occasionally reading up on such things. I’ve been privileged to see quite a few documents that’s given me a few nights of insomnia and paranoia. The world is a fascinatingly creepy place.

  2. Hi guys,

    i don’t believe in aliens at all. I am a reborn child of God our Savior Jesus Christ!
    The bible does talk about heavenly beings and angels, and that i do believe! in Psalms 148 verse 2….go read it up.
    I saw a light moving at inhuman speed along the milky way from the Cape st. Francis Bay area over Jbay towards Port Elizabeth and then a second light followed seconds later in the same direction.
    I would not have believed anyone telling me if i did not see this with my own eyes.

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