UFO over Helderberg

There has been a UFO hovering over the Helderberg mountains for the past few weeks. first time I noticed it was 08/05/2014. I have subsequently taken numerous pictures, as best I can and noticed a few interesting things. The first few days of observation it was there from about 04h00 till well past sunrise around 08h00. It now seems to be in a more well established routine, appearing from 05h00 till 07h30, every morning. Sometimes really low, almost hugging the top of the mountain, then changing position, usually a bit higher.

At times it moves slightly to the left and then slightly to the right, sometimes dropping below the clouds and drifting closer towards our home. Always staying relatively in the same area, like a routine. Physical observations include, a large glowing body (brighter than any star, even the moon), when it’s really close you can observe more lights of various colours, either flashing or again pulsating as it clearly rotates in the sky.

First night of observation was incredible with clearly smaller UFOs and other anomalies hanging about the outskirts and dashing back and forth across the sky (like they were scouting the surrounding area). I counted 4 of these before they literally shot back into space with a magnificent fiery streak behind them, beautiful. I include a few pictures to help illustrate the brightness and also how low it is in the atmosphere. I hope to post more.

ufo helderberg 1

ufo helderberg 2

ufo helderberg 3

ufo helderberg 4

ufo helderberg 5

ufo helderberg 6

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  1. I grew up in Somerset West and that is where I saw my very first UFO. I can’t remember how old I was, probably in my early teens. I was walking around my neighbourhood (during the day) and I suddenly got a very strange feeling, like someone was watching me. I looked up and towards Helderberg mountain and there was a light travelling across the sky (it looked like a plane, travelling at that type of speed). I kept watching it and then was distracted by an on-coming car. I turned and looked at the car for a moment and when I looked back into the sky, the object was still there but it had stopped dead still. I kept watching it and after a few seconds it moved back a bit and then shot forward at a very very high speed and went behind the mountain. It didn’t come out the other side. I will never ever forget it.

  2. Can you tell us what area this is in? The approximate neighborhood?

  3. Hi

    Thank you for sharing this with us, looks fascinating!! May I ask when was the last time that you viewed the object and when you took the last image of it? Do you know of someone else that has also seen it?


    • Ek en my vriend, het een aand vanaf die (Charles Morkel) paviljoen drie ligte gesien. Dit was so om en by vanaf 19h30-20h45. Eers het een lig sy verskyning oor die rand van die berg gemaak. Dit het stadig skuins op beweeg na die linkerkant toe. Verdwyn dan, en dan sien jy hoe eers net een lig verskyn, dan n 2de en ook n derde. Hul het vir n kort rukkie, weg geduik en dan weer verskyn. So asof hul speel of iets. Eventually het net een weer sy opwagting gemaak, die helderste van hul almal. Nogal n nice view gehad van waar ons gesit het. Het vir n paar mense vertel van wat ons gesien het, dan kyk hul jou aan asof jy van n pos af is. Bly om te sien dat ons nie die enigstes was nie!

  4. Also I forgot to ask, can you explain to us where exactly this can be seen? witch direction? Any landmarks to help explain will be helpful as I am not a resident of Somerset West.


  5. Kelly
    I have seen the same thing but many years ago about- 8 years ago. driving up Victoria road towards somerset. it was around 7 in the morning and the object was not moving and then slowly started moving to the right stopped for a few seconds and started moving again and then disappeared.

    it was amazing to see.
    These mountains have allot of energy. maybe that’s why they come here.
    they have been around much longer than we know..

    Happy Friday the 13th..

  6. Robert Hutchinson

    This morning in Albany, NY, there was a very large and bright object that hovered over the Hudson River just north of Albany and just below the clouds. It was pointed slightly downward and was there for over 35 minutes. Very long. Bright lights in the front, wrapping around (like a bumper of a car) then nothing but darkness until the bright tail lights about 70 feet behind it! I had to go into downtown Albany and the tall buildings obscured my view any longer. This took place 8/18/14 from 4:50 a.m. until 5:25 a.m. Very odd!

    ~ Robert H.

  7. It might be same one i have seen in 2013/2014. we had a very close encounter me and my friend. we were driving from strand to gordons bay. it was just after midnight, the roads were quet. And this round so called UFO type ship flew just over our car, quite close. it was flying low – went straight into the mountains. i never seen planes or anything like that flying at such low in that area, specially into the mountains :D.
    but yes it went very close from us. you could even see some detail and round circled blue/greenish lights underneath. was super spectacular
    we remember that thing to this day

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