ufo over friends house

Date: 21/11/2016
Time: 09:00 pm
Place: Grootfontein Pretoria
Submitted by: Freaked out


[21:24, 21/11/2016] Smit: I just saw a spaceship its still above our house
[21:25, 21/11/2016] Me: What?
[21:25, 21/11/2016] Me: Did uvtake a pic
[21:27, 21/11/2016] Smit: I am not kidding! I first thought it was a plane but been staring at it for half an hour that aint no plane man! You can see red and blue lights flickering and now and then a white light shines from it, and you can clearly see how it hovers and moves. Super fuckin freaky!!! Im gonna take a pic now but doubt you’ll be able to see
[21:28, 21/11/2016] Smit: Cant see nothing just black
[21:28, 21/11/2016] Me: Does it make a noise?
[21:28, 21/11/2016] Smit: But i can clearly make out the shape
[21:28, 21/11/2016] Smit: It makes a humming noise
[21:29, 21/11/2016] Me: Isnt it maybe a helicopter of sorts with a search light
[21:29, 21/11/2016] Me: Well. That light thing on my pic… I heard no noise. Just thunder
[21:30, 21/11/2016] Smit: Noo ways … a helicopter that makes zig zag movements so quickly? And goes up and down? Noo
[21:30, 21/11/2016] Smit: Its very soft the humming noise but it is constant
[21:30, 21/11/2016] Me: How far away?
[21:31, 21/11/2016] Smit: And now they are staying in one spot … just above our house
[21:31, 21/11/2016] Smit: I can clearly see two round shapes on top of each other
[21:31, 21/11/2016] Me: Maybe you should leave
[21:31, 21/11/2016] Smit: In the house now
[21:32, 21/11/2016] Me: That would freak me out
[21:32, 21/11/2016] Me: Arent u freaked out?
[21:32, 21/11/2016] Me: Id be kakking myself
[21:33, 21/11/2016] Smit: Im amazed but not feeling to well … i feel scared
[21:33, 21/11/2016] Me: I would be too
[21:33, 21/11/2016] Me: Thats why i said id leave
[21:33, 21/11/2016] Smit: Now that im in the house im fine but as soon as i go out i feel scared
[21:34, 21/11/2016] Smit: Oh my word cant believe what i just saw. And at first i thought no im imagining things … but those movements … thats no ordinary flying object
[21:34, 21/11/2016] Me: Are they still there?
[21:35, 21/11/2016] Smit: Yes
[21:35, 21/11/2016] Me: I would leave
[21:35, 21/11/2016] Smit: Just keep hovering they go up and down , up and down then zig zag then up and down
[21:35, 21/11/2016] Smit: Yes
[21:46, 21/11/2016] Smit: Now im shit scared

its an hour later…. no response from her or her partner. Called…. no answer.

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