UFO Over Alberton, Gauteng

While walking home in Alberton, Gauteng I heard a strange noise that seemed to be all around me. Hard to explain. It was like a very low deep buzz sound, but not very loud at all.

It was maybe an hour or two after sundown. I looked up and saw a triangle looking thing in the air just hovering above about a kilometer away. It stayed there for about a minute then moved up quickly and shot off to the East. It moved so fast and made no sound other than the light buzz of what seemed to be inside me. It was truly amazing.

It had no lights at all.


I did not take this image. Its source is from http://alien-ufo-research.com/ufo_pictures_3/

3 thoughts on “UFO Over Alberton, Gauteng

  1. I think this is the most compelling evidence of UFO in South Africa

  2. It looks like the photo has been cropped? Could you please provide any original photos?

  3. The photo is rather suspicious as the same image has been used and has been linked to other UFO sightings in the USA in 1990, also shown on other websites.

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