UFO or Chinese lantern in Pietermaritzburg?

Time and date: Tuesday 20:35
Place: Pietermaritzburg
Submitted by: Cyril

Incredibly bright light moving slowly through the night SE direction. Watched it for about 10min then it disappeared into the night.

Cant tell what it is, can you?
Try compare this image to other photos found on Uforsa.

Would love to hear from you and how you got you answer.

Is it a street light, Chinese lantern or UFO?ufo in pietermaritzburg

4 thoughts on “UFO or Chinese lantern in Pietermaritzburg?

  1. Hi Cyril,

    I have noted some confusion , where mostly non witness commentary debates the validity of one or other account , relating to Chinese Lanterns
    Yes I have seen Chinese Lanterns a few times ,and categorically – the Red /Orange orbs I have witnessed were certainly not Lanterns. But in your photo you can vaguely see the squarish tapered shape of a CL bright at the base

    All I can say is that –

    If we can believe in a greater power , which cannot be seen , just through the fact that it is part of our inherent culture.

    Then , when we see a “UFO” – Why should we not believe they exist?

  2. Well said, thanks Mike.

    It’s easier to distinguish differences between natural objects from the unnatural or unexplained once you have be come a witness to these events or if you’ve had the privilege to observe frequent occurrence’s.

    I have observed many unexpected occurrences in the skies. Ones that have no doubt ably put an uncomfortable awareness in me that we are not the only creation living on earth. There’s far more going on yet we allow ourselves to be blinded by worldly pleasure’s and standards. Its easier for people to believe in Santa Clause and lie to there kids that he exists than to believe that Ufos really do exist.

    The good thing is that a Chinese lantern will always be a Chinese lantern. Yes its a Chinese lantern.

  3. Me and my friend saw the same thing hovering over us, while we were lying on the rugby field, at about 2, in the morning, about 3months ago, here in Limpopo Hoedspruit. Since that morning, I’m addicted to look at the sky, cuz somehow I believe that were not alone here on earth. The other sighting was in Pretoria once, when I visited my friend who stays on a plot, only difference is… That one was round and the one here in Hoedspruit was triangular

  4. Hi Cyril

    See my report from November last year. Saw a similar anomalous light moving in the same direction over PMB.


    Could have reoccurred? I know my sighting was definitely not a Chinese lantern…


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