UFOs in Old 1900’s Photographs

disc shaped UFO in 1916 germiston

Place: President Street, Germiston
Time and date: Unspecified date during 1916. Approximately between 13:00 and 14:00
Submitted by: Dean (Ufologist)

This disc-shaped object (encircled) was not seen by the photographer at the time the photo was taken at the top of President Str. Germiston, presumably sometime during 1916. It was discovered in an old library book depicting early life on the Rand.

The image clearly shows a disc-like object in the sky at a distance over the old buildings there.

disc shaped UFO in 1916 germiston


Place: President Street (Facing North), Germiston
Time and date: Early afternoon, Unspecified date sometime during 1910
Submitted by: Dean

Being one who has a sharp eye for anomalies in photographs, I detected this dubious cylindrical object (encircled) suspended from the clouds in an old photo. Obviously the cameraman did not notice the imposing UFO at the time he took this image.

ufo in old 1910 photograph taken in germiston south africa

Thank you Dean for the very interesting photographs!

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