UFO sighting in JHB in December 2013

Just discovered your site…
UFO seen on 4 December 2013, about 20h30 in Jhb/Epsom Downs. Moved, not too fast and then stood still. Until beamed off behind clouds, 3 lights. As it was dark, I couldn’t see the shape and unfortunately didn’t have my cellphone with me.

One thought on “UFO sighting in JHB in December 2013

  1. Hi , I have seen these orange /red ufos 6 times in the last year here in
    Meyerton /Gauteng . I have been an avid aircraft spotter since childhood
    and a keen stargazer , so I know that these objects do not fit into the
    “norm”. You must check out the website /Wispyclouds.com – this guy – by accident took shots of UFOS when taking photos of high altitude clouds
    the shapes and sizes of the objects are as different as the cars on our roads
    but definitely up there travelling around the earth at speeds estimated at around 16000 km/h !!! well it comes back to the movie line ” the invasion already happend a long time ago” keep looking .

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