Ufo in Sun City

During a short vacation in sun City.
I’ve seen this UFO on 2 of April 2014.
It didn’t do any noise, there was light’s blinking and rotating.
I have 4 pictures and 2 movies, but I can’t download the movies.
They are to heavy to send it by email.

ufo sun city 1

ufo sun city 2

ufo sun city 3

2 thoughts on “Ufo in Sun City

  1. Kim Labuschagne

    If one zooms into each pic, U can see the object has knobs at th top and leg like pertrutions at the bottom, that it stand on if it landed? Please keep watching, very interesting indeed!!

  2. Once zoomed in it looks a lot like a quad copter.
    They are very common these days and are very popular to use for aerial photography.

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