UFO in night sky – Meyerton

Date: 17/05/2017
Time: 09:55 pm
Place: Meyerton
Submitted by: Johann Grobler


I took photos of the night sky for a time-lapse video. When reviewing the photos I found an object moving in a straight line. At first I thought it was a meteorite but it can’t be because it took about 30 minutes from the first photo to the last in the sequence. I uploaded a video of it on YouTube.

I have the original RAW files to prove it was unaltered.

4 thoughts on “UFO in night sky – Meyerton

  1. A lot of people have seen this and no one can tell me what it could be. Seems this is a UFO still.

  2. Strange, I thought I had commented on this report already, although I don’t see my comment. Will have to try and remember what I posted.

    Ok, firstly can you clarify in which direction you are taking the photos for the time-lapse? With your location, time of sighting and viewing direction I can check to make sure it wasn’t a satellite. Although, at one point in the time-lapse it does brighten up a bit, which can mean a number of things, but in terms of satellites would likely point to an Iridium flare. Also, if you stack the images you may get a better picture of the object’s movement, vector and luminosity.

    The object moves quite quickly through the field of view. Could you please provide the settings you used for the individual frame? Particularly the shutter speed. Did the object appear “stationary” in the individual photos, or was there some motion blur?

    Also important to note that the stars in the time-lapse (and thus individual frames) are out of focus, unless you used a Gaussian blur or similar post-processing tool. Not a big issue, but does bring about some difficulties.


  3. 1. The direction was approx 208 degrees. SSW.
    2. It is unlikely to be a satelite as it took 29 minutes from when it first appeared to when it dissappeared.
    3. here is a new video I made that shows it more clearly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66kU9OnHEOQ

    4. On the original video is seems to be moving fast because it is played at 25 frames per second. Each frame is a 8 second exposure taken 1 minute apart. Thus 25 minutes go by for every second you see.

    5. I can give you the original RAW files to examine.

  4. Hi Johann

    I don’t know why my replies are not showing up on the site.

    Thank you for the extra information.

    I there were a number of visible satellites in the SSW skies over your location at the provided date and time. It is likely that what you captured was indeed an Iridium satellite (would explain the fluctuating magnitude). Also, it is not rare to have satellites with 30+ min flyover times.

    I hope this helps.

    At the end of the day, you saw it, and see a video or photos of it will never be a substitute. I do, however, believe that it was a satellite.


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