UFO in Margate?

Time and date: 21 February 2014 at 20:15
Place: Margate
Submitted by: Arno

I saw two bright orange lights in the sky. They were v-shaped and made no sound. The one disappeared shortly after the other behind the clouds after it covered a distance. This was around 20:15 on 21 February 2014. What can it be?

2 thoughts on “UFO in Margate?

  1. P and R Sonemann

    On 18 February 2014, at approximately 21:08 to 21:10 we also saw four orange lights in the sky at Amanzimtoti, over the sea. It seemed that they came up straight over the horison, first one, then another, then a third which separated into two lights. They were all flying the exact same path, in straight lines, first up, then left and then down and gone. There was no sound, and no flickering lights, only the orange orbs.

    We had a 180 degree view of the sea and the sky. There were no clouds over the see. The house is up on a hill, with a few flats or street lights down below. We tried to find a reason for this, we first thought it could be Chinese Lanterns, or a Plane, but the lights were moving too fast for any on those. We were able to take photographs with our Canon 600 Camera.

    We have seen the space station, and a few satelites, but we have never seen anything like this.

  2. I saw some what in margate florida on 441 and atlantic I have recording and pictures

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