UFO? Fourways, Gauteng

We took some photographs of storm clouds and when we looked at the photos later that night we spotted something in the clouds which wasn’t visible at time of taking the picture. This was in Douglasdale, Fourways, Gauteng and photo was taken at approx. 18h30 on the 21 November 2013

2 thoughts on “UFO? Fourways, Gauteng

  1. Leisl Sutton

    Just seen something almost exactly the same in lakeside in cape town

  2. you just took the pic at the right time. the object move faster the what the eye can see . it was right in front of the camera view in that fraction of a secondwhen you took the pic. I have seen 12 ufo’s over 20 years .they all have different shapes and sizes. i have lots of clear daylight pics where you can clearly see the shape . i have a pic of one that appeared 30 m away from me in daytime.

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