UFO flying over Hermanus sky on 4 September 2015

Time and date: 4 September 2015 at 7:45 PM
Place: Hermanus
Submitted by: Sharon Johnson

At about 7:45pm on Friday night my husband and I were returning home from a restaurant. As I looked up at the clear night sky I saw something that looked like a star very high in the sky going very fast going in a Southwest to North/North East direction. It made no sound but was very high as I strained my eyes to see it. My husband tried to film it with is cell phone camera but it was too high and you can only see blackness when trying to view it. I am certain it’s the same one Zafar Monier in Llandudno saw. Weird and crazy …

8 thoughts on “UFO flying over Hermanus sky on 4 September 2015

  1. My husband and son saw the same thing in Sandbaai through our lounge sliding doors. I was facing the other way and by the time I looked it was gone. They said it moved very quickly from over our house in the direction of Onrus/the sea and then disappeared. Glad someone else saw it! Karlie

    • saw the same thing last night (November 4th). it appeared like a shooting star not too high above the sky, moved very fast and disappeared shortly. i’ve seen that many times since i was kid.

      it’s common here and the locals believe someone dies around the direction the ‘star’ flies towards not too long after it vanishes.

  2. The ISS is very bright and often visible in the evening or early morning…might have been that.

  3. I have seen the ISS and their description was very different. The light was as big as the moon with a blueish glow and moved across the sky in a couple of seconds. The ISS takes about 4 minutes to get from one horizon to the other and is the size of a bright star.

  4. Hi guys, its Sharon again. I did some further investigations and reported my sighting to someone at the Astronomical Society of South Africa (ASSA). He ruled out any visible satellites passing over our area at the time and he also ruled out any possibility of meteors and comets.
    Its all so exciting Karlie, 3 different eyewitness locations. Everybody I told my story to looks at me strange. I even reported it to the Hermanus Times but they did not seem interested.
    So glad we could all share our experience on this site : )

  5. Hi Sharon,
    I just wanted to let you know that I checked the dates after posting my original comment and my family’s sighting was on the 23rd of August, 12 days before yours. In my excitement, I didn’t think to check the dates! This is very exciting, as this means multiple sightings in our area. Don’t worry about the strange looks, people are afraid of the unknown. We are the lucky ones! I’m glad that HT published your letter but disappointed that the reply from “Dave” last week was so dismissive. It’s great that you have done more research on the sighting. There is a marked increase in UFO sightings around the world lately. Interesting times 🙂 Also glad to be able to connect. xx

  6. No worries about the different dates Karlie. Looking up has become my new favourite past time ; )

  7. never seen one that big before. the size of the moon? now that’s ‘something’.

    i hope to see one like that someday.

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