UFO Fleet above Johannesburg

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I was sitting on my patio on the 27th July 2015, when I suddenly noticed these white balls starting to show up below the sun. I saw one or 2 at first, didn’t quite know what I was seeing, and thought perhaps it was a packet in the wind.

Once I got a better look at them, they started to appear in larger quantities. It was as though something was arriving. I stopped counting when I had reached 50, but over 50 orbs suddenly “warped in” and started moving in a Northern direction. Some were lower in the sky, some were exceptionally high, and all moving at different speeds. There were a few bigger orbs, but mostly all the same size. I could track them across the sky as they were reflecting the sunlight, and watched them zip off into the distance, losing sight of them due to buildings.

While these orbs were darting about, 2 – 3 large ships suddenly appeared. I say ships because I could make out what looked like tail fins, and they were massive compared to the orbs. With the naked eye I could measure the ships to be 10mm+, and they were even further out than the orbs. I watched the ships also drift across the sky, but lost sight of them as they moved in an outwardly direction, towards the suns gaze.

Unfortunately I was stunned to the point where a kind of panicked hysteria set in and I couldn’t get any decent footage of the event. I was unable to get any pictures of the massive ships, or the large quantities of the orbs, but I have been trying to capture these orbs flying about on video. Today is the 29th July 2015, I have been watching these orbs for 3 days now, always at a similar time, and today is day 4 for potential sightings. They seem to be most active in the early afternoon, and they seem to fly directly above us, inline with the sun. I have some footage of a few orbs flying about, they are quite visible against a blue sky. There are also at least 8 other people that I know of that can confirm my sightings, so at least I know I’m not crazy.

This all took place above Johannesburg at roughly 13:00 on the 26th July 2015, and continued for a few hours.
No sound was heard from the orbs or the ships.
No flashing lights.
Orbs were round, ships were oval with long tail fins: 2 down 1 up.

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  1. And in three days of seeing them you hot no video or pics…

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