UFO Encounter of the 2nd Kind | Hout Bay

Place: Hout Bay, Cape Town
Time and date: April 7 2013 around midnight
Submitted by: Chris Roland

I didnt want to report this, but I saw something I had never seen before, and could not explain. I was closing the curtains to go to bed. As I looked out the window of our bedroom exterior door towards the West, I saw a very bright redish orange light, what looked like a shining planet. But I knew there were no planets in this direction at this time of night, and certainly none as bright or as large as this one. I watched it for about 30 seconds.

It looked as if it was moving around, but I suspected this was just my eyes playing tricks on me from focusing on it so long. It quickly became apparent that whatever this was, it was not supposed to be there.

I got excited and called to my wife who was just dozing off. She reluctantly climbed out of bed and looked at what I was seeing. She said, half asleep, and annoyed that I woke her, it’s just a planet. But I pointed out there are no planets that size or bright in the night sky, ever. She climbed back into bed, and I continued to observe.

After what had to be about 90 -120 seconds since first spotting the glowing “planet”, it started to slowly move to the North East. I called out to my wife again excitedly, shouting out “It’s moving, it’s moving!” My wife climbed out of bed again and came to the window at the door. I unlocked the door and went outside to track the light. As it moved, it started to become obscured by the large pine trees in our yard. I moved around the trees to keep it in my sites. It started to pick up speed and become smaller, its lights glowing less, and just before it disappeared from view I could see white light, now the size of what a satellite would look like in the night sky, then it was gone.

I watched the dark sky a while longer, exhilarated by what we had seen. I went to bed and kept the curtains open so I could watch the sky from bed.

In the morning I woke up and could feel something was wrong with my right eye. I looked in the mirror and the area around my eye was completely swollen and puffy. My first thought was that something must have bit me, but I could not feel any irritation from a bite, nor see anywhere around the eye that looked like it had been bitten. When my wife saw me, she was shocked. She also inspected my eye and could find no bite marks or irritation. I started to wonder if what I had seen the night before had caused this, had a thought, and I went to the window. In the position I was standing and observing, my right eye was completely exposed, but my left eye would have covered slightly by the wood around the French window panes – perhaps my left eye was not as exposed. The swelling was bad enough that I didn’t want to go out into public. But after a shower, the swelling had subsided and within 45 minutes of waking the swelling was gone. I don’t know what I saw, and I can’t explain what happened to my eye. My imagination suggested I had seen a UFO, and that somehow this had affected my eye. My logic told me this was not a plane, not a meteor, not an experimental aircraft, and certainly not a planet or start. This was something that defies any logic, and I can only now surmise that this was indeed a craft or energy source not from our planet or place in the universe. I now look to the nigh sky every night wondering if whatever, or whoever that redish orange light was, would it come back?

One thought on “UFO Encounter of the 2nd Kind | Hout Bay

  1. FWJ-UFO Researcher

    these sightings are an indication that ufos are here mainly to observe,there activities are an indication,that they here to investigate,as to the eye swelling there could be many reasons for that,medically orientated,meteorite activity,is mainly north-to south early evening,east to west-early morning,as regards what appears to be red\orange ufos,it will be the eye distinguishing the colors at night,based on lighting around your location,light pollution,there is absolutely no doubt with me,that all these reports are very accurate,ufo reports,based on 30 years of private ufo research

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