UFO caught in the morning at great speeds – Ekangala

Time and date: 9 March 2015 at 06:54
Place: Ekangala
Submitted by: Winston

It was 6 minutes before 7 in the morning of March the 9th 2015 at Ekangala just outside Bronkhorstspruit when I decided to take a photo of these flock of birds. Then when I was reviewing the pictures I took,I realized that of them had this moving object shaped triangular and was also moving in high speeds and didn’t make any sound. It only made a sort of like a spiral line on its side and then I decided to quickly put my camera on video but by then the object was gone. But I have a good quality picture of it and it happens that my phone uses a live photo feature which I can see the object moving before the image is captured. And please look on left top side of the picture because it’s where the object appears.

ufo in bronkhorstpruit

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