UFO captured accidentally while using burst photo function

ufo captured cape town

Time and date: 18 October 2014 at ?
Place: Cape Town
Submitted by: Anon and Shawn

A friend captured this on 18 October 2014, Cape Town. GPS Coordinates: S 33 deg 45.555 min E 18 deg 33.224 min. This was taken using photo burst function trying to capture the motorbike jump, instead he captured a unidentified flying object. The photos are included below:

ufo captured cape town

ufo captured cape town

ufo captured cape town

Notice the object coming from bottom right to top left. Also notice the object at top of screen. In the last image this object had two white objects moving around it.

5 thoughts on “UFO captured accidentally while using burst photo function

  1. Interesting, is there perhaps anyone who can enhance or zoom in on the object ? would love to see it closer

    • Hi Nick, if you click on the last image you will see a larger version. You can also save it to your computer, open it with your image viewer and zoom in.

  2. Hi , Anon , Shawn ,just wanted to ask , were there any quad copters at the race ? how many frames per sec was the camera on , I just need to estimate the speed , and are these frames one after the other – You will see my report of 2 weeks ago where a flat white oval apparently took off a kilometer or so from my house at around midday , climbed constantly fairly fast up into clouds there was quite a strong wind blowing that day and I have never seen a shape like that before , small aircraft would normally avoid low flight during strong winds , beside the fact that there is a minimum altitude for light aircraft Thanks Mike

  3. Hi guys saw something similar in last week over bottelary farms. Flew up and down and then just dissappeared. However while doing appropriate investigation before freaking remembered farmers are currently using “Drones” aswell as the City of Cape Town been testing some so don’t freak.

  4. Petro Maulicino

    What is the object above the trees on the right ? Its in all 3 pics, seems motionless ?

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