Two UFO sightings in Centurion

Place: Centurion/Pretoria West
Time and date: 31 January 2013 at 20:00
Submitted by: Vossie

2 sightings: 31 January 2013 around 19:55 and 20:00. +-5 minutes apart. Location: Gauteng; Centurion; Roohuiskraal North – Mall at Reds area.

Sighting 1. First noticed an orange light that looked as if it hovered over the Amberfield Glen / Raslouw area. It slowly moved to the north. Went out of view. I was in my car driving home, so I could not keep my eye on it.

Sighting 2. An orange light moving from east to west and then turning to the north. It came into view from the Pretoria East / Waterkloof area. It went out of view over the Pretoria West/Attridgeville area. It pulsated just before going out of view. The size of the orange light is similar to an aircraft at cruising altitude.

My thoughts were that it could be a lantern of some kind, but it seemed to be higher and also moving faster. When it appeared to hover it seemed to be at the same place. When it moved, the movement was consistent with the wind direction though.

Weather conditions: Windy. Blowing from the South. Partly cloudy – high clouds. There were also local fog like clouds / low clouds east of my location (that would be over central Centurion). Can’t remember seeing the moon.

2 thoughts on “Two UFO sightings in Centurion

  1. I also saw three orange lights over the Rooihuiskraal area moving east to west at about 20:45 from my balcony behind The Mall @ Reds. The three moved in the same direction about a minute apart. They were silent and were moving at pretty high speed. I recorded one on my iPhone, unfortunately the footage is not to good, but it is evidence. Also managed to take two photo’s. I thought it may be planes, but to test this a boeing flew over a few minutes later, very loud, but amazingly all it’s lights did not even register when I wanted to photograph it.

  2. Hello Paul

    I saw the same thing just a few minutes ago, here in highveld park centurion.
    Honestly with all the news on the meteor , that was my first thought.
    Really jokes aside thought this was the end of it all.

    I was sitting in my lounge just relaxing, and out of no where saw this bright
    Orange light come out of no where, was moving fast, I panicked and just started praying
    . Was moving so fast and lower , in seconds it was gone. Now I’m trying to not sound crazy to my fiance.

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