Two Suns Seen in Jeffrey’s Bay + Photo

two suns seen in jeffreys bay

Place: Jeffrey’s Bay, Eastern Cape
Time and date: 21 December 2012 at 05h05
Submitted by: Dennis Margo

A friend saw what she described to me as 2 suns rising. She managed to take 2 photos with her cell phone before it disappeared. She showed them to me and when zoomed, a clear outline on the smaller “sun” is very noticeable. Is this a UFO?? Apparently no sound. She said it was quite far out.

two suns seen in jeffreys bay

3 thoughts on “Two Suns Seen in Jeffrey’s Bay + Photo

  1. ronel swanepoel

    Awesome! Google: lightship or nibiru near sun in russia video and you will find a link on

  2. Last night, Dec 28 2012, at about 10.00 pm – i saw an orange orb flying from East to West over the sea, close offshore from Paradise Beach. when I looked at it through my binoculars, it was pulsating, with colours changing from orange to yellow. I could not see the object itself as it was covered with this orange/ yellow light. After about a minute it turned owards the South and accelerated away from me, becoming steadily smaller until completely out of sight within a few seconds.
    I am 53 years old and have always been somewhat of a UFO sceptic, but now I can only be a believer. WOW

  3. Dennis Riddell

    I have a photo of a similar occurrence taken at sunrise 18th May 2016 Currumbin Beach QLD Australia, visible three days in a row..very non cloudy sunrise one day and object very clearly not like many sunrises I have witnessed over the years. Very interesting image!

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