Two orange objects hovering over George Western Cape

Date: 19/04/2017
Time: 06:00 pm
Place: George Western Cape
Submitted by: Sybil


My family and I were on our way home when i noticed a orange object in the sky in a distance. We got out our car and noticed it was moving closer slowly. We could see lights and the shape was a saucer. We two saw fighter jets passing and saw that this object was much bigger. We took a photo and then another object like the first appeared and came closer a lot quicker. They came together and both changed direction and flew off into the other direction and vanished. We were all amazed!

4 thoughts on “Two orange objects hovering over George Western Cape

  1. Wassenaar Street

  2. Hi

    The object in the attached photo is likely a plane.

    Do you have any photos of the “fighter jets”?

    The metadata of the photo you attached indicates that the photo was taken at a focal length of 4mm. This is incredibly wide. Yes the metadata also indicates some digital zoom. But I’m sure the Sony LT25i has some sort of optical zoom function?

    I’m curious as to why you wouldn’t have more photos and why you wouldn’t zoom in on any of the objects. You stated that you had gotten out of the car? Why only the one photo?

    I do not see any merit to this case.


    • Hi,

      Olimpia Street, Delville Park, George was where we saw them..
      We were so amazed at first and watched a while before my husband got his phone out to take the pics.
      He took 3 pics which looked the same, and they were moving away already by then, so i posted one..
      We zoomed in to the pics after, and we could see the specs of lights.
      We didn’t think to take pics sooner when we saw the jets. I really wish we did, and i wish we could have taken a video too.
      The formation of these objects, and how they moved around, we could see they were not planes or anything i have ever witnessed.
      I find myself looking into the skies everyday since, and just maybe if i see this again, i will act quickly.
      I am just happy my hubby and sons saw it too..


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