Two ‘linked’ ‘satellites’ with respective changing trajectories in Durbanville

04-01-2019 at ~22H30

Upon gazing in the nights’ sky, I immediately noticed what I thought were two satellites nearby one another and clearly moving with different trajectories to one another. I thought this to be a pleasant coincidence, and based on their trajectories they should be moving away from each other as time went on. Then one seemed to shudder ever so slightly and momentarily pause, only to chamge trajectory and follow the other. The other also change trajectory a couple of times, until it was clearly evident that the two objects were inexplicably ‘linked’ or one following the other, but still separated. They were fine points of light, just lighter than a star but still sharp and precise. They almost certainly were from beyond the Earths atmosphere. The speed at which they moved was quite erratic. They ultimately seemed to move perpendicular to their original trajectory, but still erratic and almost ‘back-and-forth’ with one of the two clearly having a shudder-like pattern. I am an avid star-gazer and spot satellites as a hobby. Although these appeared to be satellites at first, their obvious change in trajectory and speed seem to counter this possibility.

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