Two bigger than Stars orange lights in the sky

Date: 05/10/2018
Time: 10:32 pm
Place: Hendersonville Tn
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As I was sitting on my back porch looking up at the sky, I saw two orange lights. They were bigger than a normal sized star and bright orange in color. I was immediately astonished and awe-struck. One stayed in the same place for 18 minutes then disappeared. The other orange light did a 180 around the one that stood still. Then suddenly took its own path to the right and disappeared. My mouth dropped and I immediately stood up to see if it was hidden behind a tree but it was gone. So I saw one bright orange light for eighteen minutes and the other one that did the 180, for 8 seconds.

One thought on “Two bigger than Stars orange lights in the sky

  1. I’ve seen that… Twice different occasions
    Iv even captures it on video!!

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