Triangular stealth plane

Date: 24/04/2014
Time: 08:00 pm
Place: Potchefstroom
Submitted by: Chaven Yenketswamy

For the records thought I will document this observation from way back in 2014.
I was outdoors testing out a home made adapter for my CG4 telescope tracking mount to do astrophotography with my canon 100
D. The constellation I was imaging was Leo and Canis Major.

My records indicate being disturbed by an unusual triangular shaped craft glide overhead travelling North at low altitude almost silent but for the disturbance to the surrounding air like a glider cutting through air. There was an array of circular shaped lights in an isosceles triangle pattern under its belly with an infrared like colour which glowed but not blinking.

Ive seen planes and other light aircraft including gliders over Potch but never seen any craft with this resemblance. I thought it could be a spy plane and searched the net but could not find any know craft with this array of lights.

I recall also enquiring at the glider factory at the Potch airport without any positive ID to this craft.

2 thoughts on “Triangular stealth plane

  1. Hi Chaven , this sighting of yours is similar -possibly the same craft I had witnessed in Meyerton last year. Also spend a lot of time stargazing -Each time
    it passed overhead just after dark +_ 18.45 May/June
    I could never make out a shape , even with binoculars
    what was visible were 2 fairly large white lights set widely apart which would fade to small spots then disappear.
    Totally silent , but invisible. This occurred about 6 times
    at various dates and as I was waiting for it to appear at the same approx time always on the same flight path from south- flying north , on one occasion it was flying so slowly I thought it was going to hover – altitude hard to say but at least 15 to 20 000 feet

  2. Chaven Yenketswamy

    I think I may have a positive ID on the craft I observed. Enquiry with a Corporal in the US Marine Corps. The closest match is a SAAB Gripen. Triangular shape with the similar light signature pattern underneath.

    It is one of the craft in the South African defence force. Really expensive and waste of tax payers money in my opinion.

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