Triangular Shaped Object over Gardens

Time and date: 5 December 2015 at ?
Place: Gardens, Cape Town
Submitted by: Jack de Villiers

Hi there,

My wife and I spotted what looked like a triangular shaped aircraft of sorts over Gardens, Cape Town. It seemed to be drifting at a low speed for what seemed like 15 seconds and then sped off what seemed to be at a tremendous velocity. It also seemed to contain lights on either side of its ‘wings’. I know ufo’s are normally disc shaped so I was just wondering if anyone else saw it and if its some sort of aircraft?

One thought on “Triangular Shaped Object over Gardens

  1. Jade foster

    Me and two of my friends saw something matching this exact description, in the Claremont/Newlands area a couple of weeks ago. I am still not over it because I have no idea what it was.

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