Triangular Shape with Red Lights – Tableview

Time and date: 15 July 2015 at 8:30 PM
Place: Tableview
Submitted by: Francesca

Did anyone see a bright red light moving very slowly quite high up on wed 15.7.15 +- 8.30pm. We live in Tableview and the direction was from the west going towards East. No noise so couldn’t have been a helicopter. It hovered and moved off slowly and disappeared. A sort of triangular shape. Definitely not a Chinese lantern either. Didn’t get a picture this time. Not the first sighting in the same area.

One thought on “Triangular Shape with Red Lights – Tableview

  1. I did not see tri shaped, but my family and I encountered over 15 red floating lights that disappeared in front of us. They came in pairs, flying straight lined and would then elevate and disappear all in the same location almost like going in to a black hole. Very strange. I have videos and pictures on my facebook page. (Muskego, Wis.) Date seen 7/16/15

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