Triangular Object – Doornpoort PTA

Time and date: 12 January 2014 at 20:45
Place: Doornpoort, Pretoria
Submitted by: JH

My husband and I were watching the lightning show. It was dark clouds with lightning bursts without thunder. We noted a triangular object with several lights in the clouds that seemed to be coming out of the clouds towards us. There was no sound with the object. The object had colourful lights on two of the outside edges. It sped off in a different direction without effort or a sound and disappeared faster than the blink of an eye.
We have video footage of the clouds after we saw the craft. It seems that there are objects in the clouds.

One thought on “Triangular Object – Doornpoort PTA

  1. A.N.N Mouse

    My wife and I also a ufo in doornpoort a few years ago. The object had multi coloured flashing lights and hovered in the air to the east of our house for a few minutes. We were stunned. I asked my wife to go and get the camera, but while she was in the house it dissappeared behind the trees. About half an hour later it came into view again. We took pictures this time, but as it was night, the camera’s flash kept going off and we only got pictures of our back yard. When we eventually got the correct settings on the camera it had dissappeared again. I could not make out a shape, because the lights were so bright, nor did it make any sound. I am a pilot. That was not normal aircraft lights. I have since convinced myself that it was a drone, but this happened before the drine craze.

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