Black trianglular craft in Eersterust, Pretoria

Time and date: 20 November 2015 at 21:10
Place: Eersterust, Pretoria
Submitted by: Johnathan

Hi guys. On Friday the 20 of November which was yesterday; I came from Eersterust Pretoria to fetch my one year old son from my parents home. As I drove from their home in Hans Coverdale West towards the south right before i get to the corner of p.s. fourie ave n H/ coverdale west before the Pick n Pay towards exiting Eersterust I saw something in the sky. It was cloudy n about to rain. Asci drove I looked several times and say this white lights in the sky and it seemed like it was hoovering about right of the centers of Eersterust high up in the sky.i couldn’t take pictures coz I was driving n there was cars infront and at the back of me and son sleep at rear in his car seat. I couldn’t hear any sound it made and my cars window was half open while driving. Then I looked again to make sure whilst driving then it disappeared for abt 3secs the appeared again at the same spot but with different colours lights and I could clearly see its shape coz it was triangular with red lights flashing on each corner n green lights around the sides also flashing. It looked like a bat plane kind of but was standing still on that very same spot with no sound. So I got on my phon emmediatly n phoned my dad to go look coz I was excited of what I just saw. Not sure if he went to look. But im sure of what I’ve witnessed. I mean who would fly a drown out on this weather especially when its raining and there’s lightning Now ima be monitoring the sky more often….im sure someone else must have seen it too……

7 thoughts on “Black trianglular craft in Eersterust, Pretoria

  1. We stay in Centurion and have seen it a few times, very visible but almost impossible to capture on camera! Last Saturday we saw it again at around 20:30

    • Hi Natasha. I told some of my friends and colleagues but they don’t seem interested and rather make jokes about it and probably think that im talking crap. Most people dont worry or really care about whats going on in the sky . Im really fascinated and are monitoring the sky since Friday. Anyways I know what I saw n hope to see it again. If I do, I’ll try and video record it…Thanks for your comment. Cheers

    • Martin Scheepers

      Natashia its a TR3B

      • @Martin Scheepers: I looked into what you said about the TR3B and the pictures and description certainly fit the account given here and so many others who report seeing triangular craft with glowing lights underneath. My only problem is such experimental craft is used for surveillance and I can’t see our government having the resources much less the necessity to have to use such a craft. Countries like the U.S. may have the resources but why would they need to spy on us.

  2. I saw a few strange “airplane like” flying objects on Sunday evening in Pretoria. At first they seemed to be airplanes with flashing red and white lights, but all of a sudden, two of them stopped in mid air and started shining with an intense white colour. During this time they stayed completely stationary like bright stars. There were a lot of unmarked bakkies standing on bridges when this happened, which was strange (military perhaps). This was not the first time I saw this, coinciding with unmarked vehicles monitoring bridges at the same time. VERY strange.

  3. In 2001 me and family saw a huge black triangular craft hovering and rotating next to the road at around 11/12pm. Its so long ago cant remember precise date but we all clearly remember the craft, the orange lights at each end of the craft and a bright white light coming from middle of the craft, like a searchlight on the ground. It had a strange milky-like look to it. We were driving back to Pretoria from Hartbeespoort dam, when we slowed down opened windows and watched the craft just hovering there, NO sound…nothing. It was at an angle from our car that we were able to see the triangle form. After a maybe 3 or 4 minutes it suddenly accellerated and disappeared with astounding speed and not a sound! In 2013, November midnight, driving back to Mossel Bay from George me and my friend saw the same type of craft but not as huge as the 2001 sighting. It flew across the N2 behind us and flew alongside the car until it sped up and eventually became like one of the stars or sattellites. My eyes kept follwing it. The speed was amazing and also no sound was heard.

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