Triangle-shaped, bright flying object in Boksburg

Time and date: 24 March 2015 at 3 AM
Place: Boksburg
Submitted by: Chantel

On March 24 2015, at bout 3am my husband was woken up by a very loud noise what he thought was a Boeing. We stay in Jansen Park, Boksburg and planes fly over our complex all the time. This craft he said was flying away from the airport over a closeby field. It was triangular shaped with orange lights all around the edges. On 25 March 2015, I was laying in bed and at about 2:05am heard a very loud noise that thought was an aircraft too. I couldn’t go to the window as my baby was laying in my arms but as it flew closer the sound was almost deafening and the lights of the craft was soooo bright it lit up our backyard facing the same direction as the open field. I could see through the curtains it was triangular with super bright orange lights. Pity we have no pics to prove what we experienced.

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  1. Hi Chantel , wow this is different , can you tell me approx in which direction the craft was going ? The loud noise you heard , was it a deep rumbling almost crackling sound? It seems that some witnesses have seen triangular aircraft in the Midrand area but silent ,so this is either a new US military spec aircraft or UFO ??

  2. A similar object was seen in Lidgetton, kZN. Witness report on 25 March. The guy reported it was early in the morning when he heard a “whooshing” sound / lightning speed/ flying low/ said it look like a rounded upside-down W?
    It’s on page 3, witness dated March 25 2015.
    Head line. Local man baffled after seeing unidentified flying object.

  3. This is so ridiculous. I saw the exact same thing August last year. I made the post on the blog so you can go check it out!

  4. Hi Sandra.

    I’m so gelouse that you got to see that! I’m hoping to witness more of the ” Unidentified objects” in the sky or even to establish some kind of hot spot in Pietermaritzburg.

    I found your report.
    A bright orange object which initially looked like it was a meteor
    in coming towards Pretoria East. However, upon watching it
    move across the sky towards Centurion it seemed more like a
    plane on fire – yet it did not fall from the sky… it did however
    appear to dip and then climb and then turned upside down. Very
    curious as to what it is and if anyone else saw it.

    I think it’s appropriate to say that this is no Chinese lantern and if it was then that’s one hell of a lantern. Lantern on steroids. lol.

  5. Hi Cyril

    Please contact me if you would like to work on some cases together as I also live in PMB.

    My email address is


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